ADIE – Breaking the link between autism and anxiety

Breaking the link between autism and anxiety
Breaking the link between autism and anxiety

This morning my wife sent me a fascinating article entitled “Breaking the link between autism and anxiety”.

As our son John , a ten year old on the autism spectrum suffers from anxiety I thought I would share this brilliant article about the work of Professor Hugo Critchley who is Chair of Psychiatry at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and his colleague Dr Sarah Garfinkel.

He shares “Could an innovative psychological therapy reduce the number of people with autism who develop an anxiety disorder?

The project

At least one in four people who live with autism are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. But many of those affected find that existing psychological and drug-based treatments for their anxiety have limited impact.

Professor Hugo Critchley and his team at the University of Sussex are investigating whether a new therapy – called ADIE – could provide a much-needed step forward, stopping those with autism from developing anxiety disorders in the first place”

You can read the rest of the article here


Autism and anxiety are two totally opposite things. Developing disturbance character by lack of interaction with the environment defines autism whereas anxiety is fear, worry and pressure on mind that’s why I would say that they have not any relation among each other. Being a psychiatrist I believe that autism is not a disorder as compared to anxiety. Even then if somebody is having any pressure on their brains then they should consult a psychiatrist.