What’s your story? Getting the message straight on disability!

Our ASD son!
Our ASD son!
The purpose of this blog and this post, in particular, is to help raise awareness of disabilities and invisible illness within the wider community.

So the idea is for us all to share our stories about our relationships with the various disabilities which have so much impact upon our lives.

So let’s start with me.

My background, as some of you may know, is healthcare market research. Which is one of the reasons I support so many students who wish to run surveys as part of their research.

But it was only six years ago that it became very real to me. Because it was them that my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. You can read the story of the ASD here. You can read other people’s stories here as well.

As many of you know autism is a learning disability (among other things) which means my wife and I have our time cut out supporting him. Some becoming a caregiver was not something I planned and certainly don’t relish (all the time) but it is what I do.

From helping him get dressed through special needs swimming to working on his spellings and helping him type. Both for my wife and I. Would we have it any other way? Well given the circumstances I’d say no.

So what about you?

Please feel free to share how disability have impacted upon your life in the comments section below.

Thanks very much in advance.

PS The photo is of our son (well his silhouette anyway) at his sports day a couple of days ago.


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