UK investment in obesity prevention woefully inadequate. Says Expert on child obesity ahead of major obesity conference held last month.

Dr Paul Sacher
Dr Paul Sacher
We interview Dr Paul Sacher on obesity, its causes, effects and how to treat it.

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“He is hugely respected as a child obesity expert, having founded MEND, the largest international child weight management programme, and he has an excellent knowledge and deep understanding of the obesity landscape.”

Paul previously worked in the NHS for more than 11 years and is a recognised author and expert in weight management, nutrition and health. He was the clinical health consultant for Jamie Oliver’s “Return to Jamie’s School Dinners” (Channel 4) and regularly appeared on “Honey, We’re Killing the Kids” (BBC One & Three) and has been interviewed numerous times on national TV and radio news channels and with regular appearances on BBC Breakfast TV and ITV This Morning. He has been an invited speaker at over 42 national and international conferences and has published 14 peer-reviewed publications, 3 books and 2 manuals. He previously held a National Institute of Health Research PhD Scholarship and is registered with the Health Professions Council and a member of the British Dietetic Association, the Canadian Obesity Network and the USA Obesity Society. He was a finalist in the Chief Medical Officer’s Public Health Awards, UK, in 2010 and awarded the British Dietetic Association’s most prestigious award (Rose Simmonds) for 2011.