The emotional well-being in people living with multiple sclerosis – please can you help

MS Health Survey Flyer
MS Health Survey Flyer

We have been contacted by Rebecca Floyd, a Health Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow at Augusta Multiple Sclerosis Center. The center is part of Augusta University in Georgia. Dr Floyd is hoping to find people with multiple sclerosis to help with with some important research!

Floyd writes “I am the lead investigator on a study exploring the impact of health literacy on emotional well-being in people living with multiple sclerosis. I was wondering if you might be willing to make this study available to anyone in your MS community. We want to be sure that the uniqueness of MS and the diversity of the people it affects are well-represented in this study. In addition to the attached advertisement, on your Facebook and/or webpages you might want to consider posting something along the lines of:

Please consider completing this survey at and sharing this opportunity with others. This survey is completely anonymous. Your 30 minutes can help health providers understand what knowledge people living with multiple sclerosis have about MS, or that may be lacking, and how that affects their emotional well-being. Give yourself a voice about *your* experiences of MS!”