The Definitive Fat-Burning Meal Plan

Many people enroll in workout programs to lose weight, burn fat, and gain lean muscles. These calls for vigorous training which many times may not yield the expected results. Lack of tangible results may cause worry to many fitness enthusiasts.

In order to burn fat and gain muscle, one should not rely on exercising only. The right diet is vital to accelerate the burning of fat. One can easily gain lost fat by eating a small portion of junk food. In essence, diet is the determining factor in maintaining fat loss and lean muscles.

What is the foundation of Fat Loss?


  • Maintain discipline in the quest to lose fat Losing fat requires one to be absolutely disciplined in their meal plans. Remember all meals must be organic. Refined foods spoil all the fat loss efforts.

    Protein is important for lean muscle build up and eventual fat loss.

    Every gram of protein intake must correspond to bodyweight per pound. Remember, the body does not store proteins. Therefore, proteins should be replenished every day.

    A low protein diet leads to muscle loss. Maintain a high protein diet to conserve lean muscles. Derive animal proteins from lean meats like red meat, egg whites, and protein supplements. In the case of hunger during the day, one can have idealshape protein shakes to replace heavy meals.

    Maintain Healthy Carbohydrates in your diet

    The body sorely depends on carbohydrates for energy. There are healthy carbohydrate options which include whole grains, legumes, certain vegetables, and fruits.

    Apart from providing the body with sustainable starches and sugars, they are rich in fiber which is vital for digestion. Strive to consume between 100 to 150 grams of carbohydrates every day. Some of the healthy sources of carbs are;


Bulgur wheat

Brown rice

Nuts etc.



Avoid Carbonated Drinks and Diet Sodas

Carbonated drinks and diet sodas contain artificial sugars which can wreak havoc to the fat loss program. Drink water instead. Many people have difficulties drinking the recommended amount of water per day. To encourage enough water intake, infuse fruits and vegetables like cucumber in your drinking water overnight. This gives the water an appealing taste.

Is the weight loss journey sustainable?

Follow these steps for a successful fat-loss journey.


  • Curb cravingsMany people who engage in fat-loss programs find it hard to adapt. The programs expose one to meal rationing which in turn exposes one to increased hunger and cravings. What can one do to control these cravings? Choose protein shakes like 310 shake to fix hunger. Each shake serving contains enough fiber, carbs, and other essential nutrients to keep one full for longer hence evading unhealthy foods.

    Cheat Meals

    Have a set goal. Decide to have a cheat meal every fortnightly to reward yourself for achieving your goal. As the body adapts to healthy eating, cravings reduce.

    Keep records of your before and after photos

    Photos are frozen memories. They remind one the reason they started the fat-loss journey. They remind them of the goals they set. They ensure they work towards achieving their set goals. Let these photos motivate you to keep moving.

Recommended Foods for Fat-Loss


  • Vegetables Green vegetables contain lots of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Consume the recommended amounts of green veggies every day. In order to reap the ultimate benefits, do not overcook veggies. Steaming green veggies helps preserve essential nutrients. The following infographic can help in knowing more about the importance of consuming vegetables and fruits.


    Oats are filling. They are rich in fiber and low in sugar. They provide the body with sufficient energy. One feels full for longer. Oats help fight cravings and lowers appetite.

    Egg Whites

    Contrary to popular belief, egg whites do not contain cholesterol. Boil them for better results. They are rich in protein enough to sustain hunger.



1 Day Fat-Loss Meal Plan

Meal 1/Breakfast

Egg whites

Fruits of your choice

Wholemeal oatmeal

Meal 2/Lunch

Fish fillet

Green Veggies

An Apple

Meal 3/Dinner

Chicken breast

Brown rice

Green veggies

Fruit of your choice


Carry out research to determine how to prepare healthy meals for successful fat-loss. Ensure to include healthy snacks or protein shakes in between meals. This helps curb cravings, appetite and controls consumption of unhealthy foods.

Document your weight and fat loss program to ascertain the progress. If change is not imminent in the first few weeks, seek guidance from a professional nutritionist. Remember to stick to a healthy diet for better results.


Colours of Healthy Eating

This Infographic by Every Nutrient


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