Autism – Will things improve for the autism community in 2017 or will they get worse and why? Take our poll

Will things improve for the autism community in 2017 or will they get worse and why?
Will things improve for the autism community in 2017 or will they get worse and why?

A few days ago we asked our followers on Twitter “Will things improve for the autism community in 2017 or will they get worse and why?”

So we thought we would ask the readers their opinion on this important question.

This is a new type of data collection method for us; so all you need to take part is to write your answers in the text box within the poll.

It’s that easy. And gives the chance for you to give your views in more detail!

Oh yes. Further comments can go in the comments section beneath this blog post!

Autism – Please help an Australian School Student with her research into Autism.

Autism research
Autism research

A couple of days ago we were asked by a Emma, a student at St Francis Xavier’s College in Australia, to help her find people to take part in a survey.

Emma writes ” I am currently completing Year 12 in Australia and for my major work I plan on creating a short film about Autism both generally and within Australia.

I was wondering if anyone with an ASD or a child with ASD would like to complete a survey for me. I am conducting a set of surveys as a part of my HSC Major Work for Industrial Technology – Multimedia. The purpose of these surveys is to:

1. investigate what people with Autism Spectrum Disorders would like other people to know about the disorder, specifically in Australia,

2. investigate what people would like to see in an informative video about Autism Spectrum Disorders

Each survey should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. All responses will be anonymous and confidential. The findings in the research will only be published in my folio for assessment purposes.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me create this.

Please feel free to share these links with other people who may like have an input.”

There are two surveys which you can take below.

1. For People with on the autism spectrum.

2. For the General Public.

It would be great if you could share with anyone who may be interested.

Many thanks in advance!

Wandering and children on the autism spectrum. Please help with this vital research project!

Wandering and autism
Wandering and autism
Wandering by children with Autism and other developmental disorders is a significant safety concern.  It is estimated that more than 250,000 children with disabilities wander away from adult supervision each year.   Few researchers have looked at this major issue, and there has been little focus on prevention measures and the impact that wandering concerns have on families.
Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York is conducting a major national study about wandering, and we very much want you to participate.
It takes just a few minutes to complete the anonymous, on-line questionnaire.  If enough families complete our questionnaire, then:
  • We will have the most representative study done to date – giving voice to as many families as possible
  • We can help guide families like yours about which prevention strategies seem to be most effective
  • We can document the impact that wandering has on families in terms of activities and household stress
Please click HERE to complete the survey.  You may also go to to take the survey, request a copy of our results, and be contacted regarding a follow-up research project related to wandering.


Are you a parent of a child with autism and have 15 minutes to spare? Please help the Karolinska Institutet with a survey

Karolinska Institutet - Autism Research
Karolinska Institutet – Autism Research
Earlier this week we were contacted by one of our readers who asked us to help find people to take a survey. Suzanne Axelsson, herself a mother with a  child on the spectrum told us “My husband is starting up some research into the sleep routines of children with autism. Sleep is an essential part of learning… and also social interaction… if we are tired it is harder to react appropriately to a given situation… and as I see with my own son, who has autism, he is depleted of his energy reserves sometimes rapidly by things that would hardly bother others… this means that good sleep hygiene is even more essential for my son”.
Her husband John Axelsson of the Karolinska Institutet , a leading medical university in Sweden, shared:
“Karolinska Institutet is currently conducting a study to explore the complex relation between autistic traits and sleep quality. 
While we know that sleep is often affected in this group, the underlying mechanisms remains largely unknown. 
If you have a child that has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or have autistic traits, you can contribute to this research by filling out a questionnaire about your child and his/her sleep, taking approximately 15 minutes. You will not be asked to provide any identifying information such as name or date of birth, meaning that your answers will remain strictly anonymous and confidential. The data will be used for developing better interventions to improve sleep quality and day time functioning in children with autism. 
Simply click on this link to participate ( but please make sure that you have 15 minutes to spend as you only can access the questionnaire once. 
Thank you very much for your time, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! 
Associate Prof. John Axelsson, 
Dept. Clinical Neuroscience
Karolinska Institutet 

Black Friday Autism Awareness Bargains 1 of 2 #BlackFriday #AutismAwareness

If you can beat them join them!

Black Friday has really taken off in the UK after being unknown for so many years has taken us by storm.

So I’ve teamed up with The Autism Site to Bring you some great Black Friday Bargains which help raise autism awareness and at the same time generate money for autism therapies and research.

This beautiful Swarovski Crystal Ring is discounted by nearly 40% so it’s a great bargain as well as a wonderful way of creating autism awareness.

Swarovski Crystal Ring - Autism Awareness
Swarovski Crystal Ring – Autism Awareness

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And not just great gifts but also fabulous decoration for your tree this Christmas. Like this Autism Awareness Christmas Tree Decoration.

Autism Awareness Christmas Tree Decoration
Autism Awareness Christmas Tree Decoration

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