Sex, Intimacy and Multiple Sclerosis

Sex, Intimacy and Multiple Sclerosis
Sex, Intimacy and Multiple Sclerosis

July 26, 2017 1PM EST (US) /18:00  UK  – register at  

On July 26, 2017 GeneFo will be hold a free webinar on Sex, Intimacy and Multiple Sclerosis.

Sex and intimacy are a meaningful expression of feeling close to someone, but the emotional/physical ups and downs of living with Multiple Sclerosis, can affect your sex drive, confidence, and mood.

To help patients and care partners improve this aspect of their lives, Dr. Tuppy Owens will offer advice and insights on sexuality in the context of a chronic condition. Dr. Tuppy has been at the forefront of campaigning and supporting people with chronic conditions/disabilities and their sex lives. She has won numerous accolades for her work, authored books on this subject, and most importantly supported many patients in finding healthier and happier intimacy and sexuality in their life.



Accepting your new self & life

Physical limits/sexual dysfunction

The effects of MS symptoms on your sex life (pain; fatigue etc.)

Low sex drive

Safe sex to protect your immune system

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Real-time stats on what works for others with a similar medical profile

Clinical Trial matching according to location and profile

Unbiased reviews of medical & alternative treatments and providers

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