Will President Trump be a good or bad thing for the Multiple Sclerosis Community? Now updated with reader comments!

President Trump and the Multiple Sclerosis Community
President Trump and the Multiple Sclerosis Community

Over the last few years we there has been a great deal of controversy on the whole area of Obamacare and healthcare reform in the USA.

Now that the dust has settled and the inauguration has taken place I’m really interested in the views of the multiple sclerosis (MS) community on the outcomes of the Donald Trump presidency.

It would be great if you could take part in the one question poll below.

Please note that all answers are anonymous so please do take part.

If you have any comments feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Many thanks for your help and have a pain free day!

The first comments for our readers have come in. See below

Update 1

“His plan to have conversations with the drug companies about medicine costs and availability can only move toward better costs for MS patients”

“This man is dangerously messing with information flow in this country. How are we as citizens going to have all the information on our healthcare or what is going into research and new treatments when he’s gone above and beyond to mess w/the 1st Amm.”

“I am unsure of his views on this subject. However it can’t be any worse than before. Skyrocketing insurance prices that didn’t cover any of the needed treatments.”

“I honestly do not know, but he does scare me. He doesn’t like science, but we need it for western medicine”

“Don’t want pre-existing removed. Would also like to see stem cell therapy available”

Update 2

“Please read up on ms, talk to people with it. It affects everyone different. It’s an awful incurable disease.”

“What about pre-existing conditions? He has no plan, and neither do the republicans. Just want to repeal”

“If he caters to the conservatives, pre-existing conditions will come back, and stem cell research will be stopped, it seems when people like to talk about exspesive drugs they always forget MS drugs but instead talk about epi pen or diabetes drugs”

“He is a narcissistic two year old. It is utterly astounding someone as damaged as him would be elected as president. But 40% couldn’t be bothered voting at all. Maybe people should have stopped praying and voted instead for anyone else.”

“I don’t believe he will be good or bad for ms. I believe he will do nothing to help us. I’d be surprised if he even mentioned multiple scherosis in the next four years.”

“He has good ideas to help us. Keep preexisting conditions in, find a way to lower RX prices and allow more research for stem cells. All positive things.”