National Epilepsy Week – Introducing ACTION – First aid for epilepsy seizures

National Epilepsy Week
National Epilepsy Week
As you may know this week is National Epilepsy Week.

As part of the process of increasing both awareness of epilepsy and of the practicalities of giving aid for an epilepsy seizure.

The week is being run by Epilepsy Action who run an excellent information rich web site – though it would be good it if was a little easier to navigate.

We reproduce it here as it is really straight forward and well worth sharing.

“ACTION – First aid for tonic-clonic seizures

The person goes stiff, loses consciousness, falls to the floor and begins to jerk or convulse. They may look a little blue around their mouth from irregular breathing. Tonic-clonic seizures can last a few minutes.

Remember ACTION for tonic-clonic seizures:

A – Assess
Assess the situation – are they in danger of injuring themselves? Remove any nearby objects that could cause injury

C – Cushion
Cushion their head (with a jumper, for example) to protect them from head injury

T – Time
Check the time – if the seizure lasts longer than five minutes you should call an ambulance

I – Identity
Look for a medical bracelet or ID card – it may give you information about the person’s seizures and what to do

O – Over
Once the seizure is over, put them on their side (in the recovery position). Stay with them and reassure them as they come round

N – Never
Never restrain the person, put something in their mouth or try to give them food or drink

Call an ambulance if:

You know it is a person’s first seizure, or
The seizure lasts for more than five minutes, or
One seizure appears to follow another without the person gaining consciousness in between, or
The person is injured, or
You believe the person needs urgent medical attention “