Multiple sclerosis and stem cell therapy. Have you had or would you consider stem cell treatments for your or a loved ones MS?

Stem cells and MS
Stem cells and MS
A few years back I have to admit I’d never heard of stem cell therapy.

But in recent years it has become one of the most looked to ways of treating various different medical conditions.  These include such different conditions such as cancer and diabetes.  You can read an overview of stem cell therapy here ( at a previous blog post.  It will also give an insight into some of the medical and ethical controversies surrounding stem cell treatments.

However one of the most interesting areas for stem cell that of multiple sclerosis.   The purpose of this blog post is two-fold:-

1) Firstly to find out what percentage of our readers would consider having stem cell treatments for their MS.  We have set up a poll below for you to share your opinion.

2) Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it would be great if you have has stem cell therapy of multiple sclerosis if you might share your story in the comments box below. In particular we are interested in how successful was the treatment.

Thanks very much in advance.