10 humiliating things that happen to overweight people

10 humiliating things that happen to overweight people
10 humiliating things that happen to overweight people
10 humiliating things that happen to overweight people

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1. Verbal abuse from passing cars
“On my way home from work a stranger shouted out of his car window at me as I had pressed the button at a pedestrian crossing. He said ‘why don’t you buy yourself a salad you fat cow.’”
2. Supermarket staff comment on your food choices
“I was shopping in a well-known supermarket and put some biscuits in the trolley and one of the staff said to me ‘should you really be eating those? Some fruit and veg would be better for you’. I was so embarrassed that I just wanted to cry.”
3. Rude comments from shop assistants when looking for clothes
“I was shopping for a gift with my sister and saw a beautiful top in a shop window, so went in to have closer look. I had only stepped inside when I was grabbed by the elbow spun around and told quite harshly ‘there is nothing in here for people like you’.”
4. Men in nightclubs play games to chat you up
“I’d always been told I had a pretty face so in the beginning I thought they were being serious and complimentary. It was only when I heard the sniggers, laughter and hurtful comments they made among themselves that I realised the truth. I still have trouble believing men are serious now.”

5. People look terrified of you sitting next to them on public transport
“I remember one young bloke saying ‘you can’t sit here fatty’ as I walked down the bus looking for a seat.”
6. Friends leave you out of things as they assume you won’t want to be involved
“When I was bigger people always assumed I didn’t want to do active things. I love long walks in the country and swimming but friends often ‘forgot’ to invite me, assuming that it wouldn’t be my thing.”
7. Getting served at the bar takes ages
“I spent around 45 minutes waiting at the bar to get served. I had made eye contact with the barman so he knew he was there but he kept serving the other girls who were much slimmer than me.”
8. Teenagers will film or photograph you using their smartphone
“I was laughed at by teenagers in a shop. They were filming with their mobile phone and following me around. My daughter who was aged six at the time was with me and we were both very upset.”
9. Employers only focus on your appearance
“I went for a job interview and caught site of the interviewer’s notes. To my horror the content was 95% about my weight and appearance and only 5% about my abilities and qualifications.”
10. People treat you like a leper
“I was working in the Student Union and handed an item to a student. She seemed reluctant to make contact with my hand. As she walked away with her friends she said that she hadn’t wanted to touch me as she wasn’t sure if she could catch fat.”