Ultimate Guide to Post Workout and Muscle Recovery

Guide to Post Workout Muscle Recovery
Guide to Post Workout Muscle Recovery


What you do immediately after a gym session (post-workout) is every bit as crucial as what you do before it (pre-workout), even though it seems that many of us put a lot more effort into our pre-workout than we do with post-workout. If you don’t take on board the right nutrients after an exercise, or if you neglect to give your muscles enough time to recover before your next workout, all of the training you’ve done will count for nothing. You’ve simply worked too hard in the gym to make all of that effort redundant by failing to look after yourself following the workout.

Post-workout supplements help to repair damaged muscles, refuel your energy stores, reduce inflammation and minimise the likelihood of catching a cold/flu. Therefore, it’s vital to get some post-workout nutrition as you soon as you finish exercising, as well as taking another portion within 30-60 minutes of completing the workout.

This infographic from Supplement Mart (http://www.supplementmart.com.au/) has all the key points you need to know about taking post-workout supplements, as well as documenting the importance of muscle recovery after a workout and advising as to post-workout nutrition. Take a look at the infographic below to find out just what you should be doing when your workout is completed.

Different ways to stay fit with your busy lifestyle

Developing a daily workout schedule is hard and not a custom to most of us. We tend to sink deep into our daily routines and forget to remind ourselves of the need for setting aside some time to give our bodies fitness treats. Staying physically fit while attending to your daily chores is a possibility as long as these simple dos and don’ts are adhered to.

 Intensify your working

Diets for weight loss
Diets for weight loss

 Good lifestyle fitness and an organized workout plan are critically important insofar as weight loss is concerned. Schedule your days’ activities by dividing your days working hours and the jobs you will be doing during each session while taking into account the amount of energy required for each activity. Give yourself some time to rest before embarking on your next activity. The trick here is to get as much exercise as possible to help strengthen your muscles, monitor your pulse and burn fat.

A continuous 30-50 min workload in your subdivided plan followed by adequate rest time before the next session is the most ideal way to go. This will ensure your fitness level is at your sleeve while at the same time shedding off extra weight.

Commit to a fitness workout time-table

Although one can comfortably do without this, it’s important to draw and strictly carry out a good fitness plan. Having time to the gym, no matter how busy your day may look will always be a plus in your weight loss program.

An hour or so for aerobics isn’t a bad decision either. Besides the fun or enthusiasm associated with the training session, there are other numerous healthy benefits you can always enjoy – losing weight is just one of them.

Have a little fun

A day with fun is a day worth remembering. Working from sunrise to sunset won’t make you a successful. Fun and little play will help refresh your mind, cut off your day’s stress and most importantly, help you burn the extra fats in your body. As a matter of fact, having the right weight keeps obesity and heart related complications at bay.

Team work

Haven’t you heard that two heads are better than one? Then get a partner and work your way out to achieving your weight loss goals together. Getting a like-minded partner is a great a challenge but the ideal thing is to find someone you will enjoy working with, have fun together  and the one that will remind you to go for a run or jog when you are fully engrossed in your favorite movie.

Teaming up with a friend will make you do more than what you do when you are alone. That means working as a team will not only make you burn more fat but will also ensure you remain and in the right mood.

Make friends with the kitchen

Getting rid of the obsession of processed foods, restaurant meals and deviating from take-away from cafeterias is must if you want to achieve any progress in weight loss resolutions.  Having a whole week feeding plan and timetable will help you avoid this unhealthy habit. Eating vegetables and cereals on certain days and carrying packed lunch on daily basis at work won’t cost you as much. Irrespective of your status, teens or CEOs alike break the rule and take to the kitchen to live long and stay fit.

Engage in physical fitness daily

Our health is always our priority and staying fit is the only guarantee of living healthily. How we should stay fit and work at the same time is more often a puzzle to many.

Follow these few simple weight loss tips and you will find yourself ticking towards your ultimate goal of a fit, flexible and healthy physique.

Exercising alone won’t guarantee us food on the table; hence, a great deal is on how to fix our routine exercising plan into our daily schedule without brushing shoulders with relevant protocols around us.

A routine interval workout plan can be a great solution in such circumstances. A proper analysis of what you are expected of during the day and good grooming of your style of working with a little intensity can work you miracles as far as your staying fit and weight loss scale is concerned.

Let your hobbies in

Nothing entertains more than doing what you enjoy doing.  Discovering your likes and dislikes and perfecting on your likes will help you shed off a considerable amount of weight.

Take for example an artiste who loves music, and takes her performance to the nearby church during his/her free time, dancers who train daily using new different styles and a footballer who will take to the pitch on daily basis to perfect his skills. This group besides enjoying their take has an upper hand when it comes to staying fit and healthy.





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