Does use of devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones have a deleterious on our eyesight?

These days many of us use laptops, iPhones or one of a myriad of screen based communication devices.

The revolution the introduction of this technology has in some countries changed healthcare for the better. You can read some of the ways this has happened here.

But is there a downside?

This infographic suggests there could be a major impact on our eyesight from screens? Do you agree? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Screen Generation: Are We All Going Blind?

Autism and technology – how touchscreen technology has helped in the research and therapies for autistic people

As many of my readers know I am the father of a nine year old boy with ASD. One of the things about him ( and there are many) was the ease with which he has taken to using computers and especially tablets with touchscreen technology. As I see it it provides a huge amount of liberation for him and gives him the ability to both relax and develop which he would not otherwise have had.

Bear in mind the past century developments in technology have given us new methods of treatment and research in healthcare. This infographic show how touchscreen technology, in particular, has helped and study of the autism spectrum. It also show how touchscreen technology might be used by autistics in the future.

The Power of Touchscreen Technology: A Timeline of the History of Technology in the Treatment of Autism.