Got a Pain in the Neck? Incorporate These Stretches into Your Daily Routine

Think of all the injuries and pain you’ve had in your life. Some things are temporary—even momentary. A scratch on your finger, a blister from a fun day spent outside. All these things will pass, probably most of them with no more than a bandage or some ointment.

But that’s not the case with other injuries. Bones get broken. Deep cuts require stitches. And falls, overuse, or other injuries can create chronic pain in ways that we have a hard time getting over or getting through.

Take neck injuries: They can happen in all manner of ways, from car accidents to slips and falls and even just strain from overwork. That’s because the neck is in constant use. It holds up our house, of course. But it also helps in other ways, such as holding our phones when we talk or even just exercising and driving a car.

Unfortunately, neck pain becomes a problem for more than just a few people. In fact, neck issues can be an issue for up to 70 percent of all people at some point in their lives. And neck pain takes many different forms: It can become a migraine or a facial ache. It can transfer to the lower back. When it comes to neck pain, more women than men are affected by it too.

Many people’s first impulse may be to shy away from doing anything if they have neck pain. But they shouldn’t: Building those muscles is good work for the body and for the neck. There are a number of different tactics to take, including easy-to-learn stretches that work in low-level physical activity to help the neck muscles. This graphic offers alternatives to practice to help you combat and remedy nuisance neck pain for a healthier future.

You're Neck & Neck - Get Ahead of Your Pain. Simple On-the-Go Stretches.