Should you be Using Protein Powder?

Purition - bags of it
Purition – bags of it

Protein powered is one of the greatest ways to add to an already beneficial workout if you use it correctly. So many sources will urge you to pick up a tub of protein powder right away and start making yourself shakes while others will tell you the exact opposite—it’s too dangerous. So who do you trust? Ignore the opinions. The facts about protein powder will tell you if this workout supplement is right for you.

It’s important to understand what protein powder is at first. Protein is used by the body to build and heal itself. It is also the most basic unit of muscle. Protein powder is a supplement that is high in protein and helps you gain and keep more muscle during or after a workout. There are several different kinds of protein powders available. They all have different uses, but whey powder is the most common. Soy and hemp protein are plant based and therefore can help vegetarian and vegans.

Women need 50g of protein a day while men only need 65g. Consuming too much protein daily can be a health risk, while consuming too little can also have poor effects. If you are able to satisfy your daily protein needs with whole foods, then you won’t need protein powder as a supplement. Do keep in mind though, that it may be nice to have on hand, especially if you find yourself on a tight schedule with little time to eat a good meal in between.

While protein powder can be beneficial to building muscle, gaining muscle or losing weight, it’s important to remember that using protein powder consistently while you are already consuming a proper amount of protein can be dangerous. This puts an excessive amount of pressure on the kidneys and can be harmful if prolonged. Check over Monica’s Health Mag for more.

Some experts say that only body builders should use protein powder because the average diet will feature an average amount of protein. While most gym-goers should consider this, these experts are not necessarily taking into account vegans and vegetarians whose sources of protein do not include meats and in some cases eggs or milk. For vegans and vegetarians, protein powder as a supplement or a meal replacement may be beneficial if they are not taking in 50-65g of protein daily.

Protein is an extremely important part of every diet and workout, but with so many opinions and facts about protein powder, it’s hard to know what to believe. You should only use protein powder if you need it. You might need it twice a week or you might need it every day. Observe how you eat for the next week before deciding if you should use protein powder and how often you should use it.

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