National Stress Awareness Month – Find out how to destress and promote a less stress inducing lifestyle

Yes I know another awareness month. Something to make my father blow a gasket as my mother would say.

But in this case thain is to try and prevent the poor old soul from blowing a gasket.  Why?  Well as the title of this blog post suggests this month is National Stress Awareness Month.  Which has in fact been running for over 20 years now.

Eliminating stress from our lives is of vital importance.  The medical consequences of stress can include low fertility, irritable bowel syndrome, heart attacks, strokes , peptic ulcers and even make your asthma worse.

So as you can see we do really need to chillax for the good of our health. We have covered a the signs  and symptoms of stress in the past at a previous post which might be of interest

We would also recommend a great article on National Stress Awareness Month from Beliefnet where they share 10 great reasons to celebrate National Stress Awareness Month –

We have produced a graphic below which we hope you will share to promote National Stress Awareness Month.

Finally please feel free to share any stress busting tips in the comments section below.

Thanks very much.

National Stress Awareness Month
National Stress Awareness Month


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