Fighting flab – 5 foods that help to promote weight loss

Celery and Weight Loss
Celery and Weight Loss

Wanting to lose weight is pretty much standard after the age of 40.   Indeed any form of obesity can cause complications for people with medical conditions like arthritis or heart disease.

We know that low calorie foods can help with weight loss.  But are there any types of foods which can actually help us lose weight?   PatientTalk decided to investigate. And we have to say the results are fascinating.

There are, it seems, a number of food stuffs which can assist in weight loss.

  • Beans.  Not just are beans low in fat but they contain cholecystokinin which is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant.    And they can help low your cholesterol as well.
  • White tea. The antioxidants in white tea may well speed up your metabolism thus promoting weight loss.  For other benefits have a look at our previous blog on white tea –
  • Celery. Not only does eating raw celery use up as many calories as are in the celery it also raises your body’s metabolism.  And it is great in Italian food.
  • Chillies – capsaicinone, the active ingredients in peppers, helps suppress your appetite.
  • Pears. Recent research suggests that the pectin fibre found in pears lowers blood sugar levels, which in turn, decreases the desire to snack between meals.

In fact there are loads of other foods which look like they can help us all fight the flab.

If you have any that you have found effective please let us know about them in the comments box below.  If you have any recipes feel free to share.

Thanks in advance.

An anti-inflammatory diet? What foods can help reduce inflammation?

Getting a health vegan diet
Getting a health vegan diet

Currently the most common way of reducing inflammation is to take anti-inflammatory drugs which are also called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or anti-inflammatories.

Inflammation is cause by many different things such as arthritis, hay fever or just sprains.

In recent years some doctors and healthcare professionals feel that certain food have anti-inflammatory properties.

Thus we think it would be useful to mention a few which you might like to include in your anti-inflammatory diet. Some to consider include:-

1)      Blueberries – those ever popular super foods.  For more information on super foods check out our blog –

2)      Turmeric – great in curries and with so many health benefits.  Have a look at our recent post on the subject –

3)      Shitake mushrooms.  Even more beneficial than normal mushrooms!

4)      Green teas.

5)      Fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel.

6)      Kale and other leafy green vegetables.

7)      Ginger.  The other delicious Asian food you might want to try is ginger tea.

8)      Oil- red palm and olive oils are recommended.

9)      Brown rice and whole grain pasta.

10)   Pomegranates – another great super food.

And of course water is great as part of a healthy diet

So over to you.  We would love to know how you treat inflammation.  Have you changed your diet?  What foods do you think work best?

It would be great if you could add your thoughts and views in the comments box below.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Does An Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away? What are the health benefits of an apple?

When I was a boy many years ago, along with washing behind the ears, we were regularlyApple Tree reminded on the old adage “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.

Apart from the now ubiquitous “five a day” or in Australia “seven a day” is there anything specifically about apples?  Si  if one is eaten  per day does it  enable the consumer to indulge in a bit of physician  dodging.

To assist our readers PatientTalk.Org has conducted extensive research and has managed to ascertain the following useful information for our readers.

Perhaps most importantly according to The Stanford Cancer Center they may offer increased protection against certain kinds of cancers, in particular colon cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.  For more information please go to

It has also been suggested that apples have antioxidant properties.  To find out more about antioxidants please check out our blog

Finally it is worth noting that apples are high in dietary fibre and are great source of Vitamin C.

So while it seems that they won’t prevent you from every spending quality time in a Doctor’s waiting room, they are a great part of your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

Do you know anything more about the adage “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”?  If so we would love to hear what you know about it.  Please feel free to tell us in the comments boxes below.

Thanks in advance

What are the health benefits of white tea?

As a healthcare blogger I get to see quite a bit of odd stuff.  Recently I was sent some something which told me about the benefits of white tea.  Now I admit I’d heard of white tea but at those prices had not been bothered to buy the stuff.    But this week I decided on a whim to take the plunge and check out white tea.

A cup of white tea
A cup of white tea

I have to say the first thing I noticed is that the tea really does not seem to be white when it is in the cup.  Have a look at the photo of the mug I just made.  What do you think?  Also please note how clear the desk of a healthcare blogger needs to be to keep up with all your informational needs.

However there are quite a few interesting claims made by fans of white tea which I thought I’d share with you:-

a)      White tea can lower both blood pressure and cholesterol.  This can reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

b)      It acts as an antioxidant.  For more information on antioxidants please have a look at our blog

c)       It has been suggested but this is not proven that there are anti-cancer properties in white tea.

d)      Finally white tea does have antibacterial properties


And actually I’ve found it tastes very pleasant.  So it is going to be part of my afternoons in future!

But the real point of this blog is to find out if you are a white tea drinker.  If you are have you noticed any improvement in health since you started drinking it?

Feel free to use the comments box below to add your thoughts and opinions!

Thanks in advance