Polluted Air is a Possible Cause of Dementia

Polluted Air is a Possible Cause of Dementia
Polluted Air is a Possible Cause of Dementia

There are over 850,000 people in the UK with dementia and this figure is expected to increase to over 1 million in 2025 and by 2050, it will rise to more than 2 million according to the Alzheimer’s Society. Dementia is a degenerative disease causing a decline in cognitive and mental functioning. There are many causes of dementia including head injuries, stroke or brain tumour.

Several research studies have been undertaken to better understand the causes of this condition as well as its early signs. Lately, recent evidence came to light that dementia may be linked to dirty air. Based on research findings, contaminated air can be a possible source of dementia. It is believed that high concentrations of magnetite particles found in polluted air may be linked to dementia. Researchers are trying to establish whether there is a definitive relation between magnetite found in the brains of Alzheimer patients and the onset of dementia.

Ten Signs of Alzheimer’s – What you Need to Know!

The thought of Alzheimer’s is very concerning. Especially when it affects family and friends!

But the earlier Alzheimer’s (and other forms of dementia) are diagnosed the better the treatments available.

So we are sharing this list of signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease from the Alzheimer’s Association.

Know the 10 signs – An infographic by the team at Alzheimer’s Association