Why Hydration Matters – watch our latest Web TV show

Watch our live webinar, featuring two leading experts in hydration research, discussing why what we drink is just as important as what we eat…

Show date: 4th June 2015

Great ways to keep hydrated
Great ways to keep hydrated

Show time: 2:30pm

With the promise of a BBQ-worthy summer and balmy days to come, it’s more important than ever that we make sure we’re drinking enough throughout the day to stay healthy and hydrated.

But proper hydration isn’t just an issue during the summer months. It’s important to take in enough fluid throughout the year. So how do we know if we’re well hydrated? How strictly should we be sticking to the ‘eight glasses of water a day’ guideline?

In this live webinar, we’ll be joined by Professor Ron Maughan, Emeritus Professor of Sports and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Loughborough, and Chair of the European Hydration Institute’s Science Advisory Board. He’ll be discussing recently released research that demonstrates the effect hydration can have on our health, wellbeing and performance.

Also in the studio will be Professor Monty Mythen, of University College London Hospital, to explore why hydration doesn’t receive the same amount of focus from researchers, doctors and the media as healthy nutrition, and why it should.

Both guests will also be myth-busting and giving their advice on remaining healthy and hydrated and discussing signs and symptoms of under hydration which we should all be aware of.

Parents of Children with Autism – can you help a student California State University with a survey please?

California State University, Dominguez Hills
California State University, Dominguez Hills
We have been asked by Ariana LeBrun a student at; California State University, Dominguez Hills; to help her finds parent of children with autism to take part in an online survey.

LeBrun writes “I am currently a student at California State University, Dominguez Hills in the Masters of Science, Occupational Therapy program. I am currently working on a survey research study with 2 classmates, about the activities that parents of children with an ASD diagnosis do together. More specifically we are trying to learn what activities families do together that bring them closer to one-another and bring meaning to their lives.
I was referred to you by the AutismTalk FB group and it was suggested that I could post a link to the survey as a guest post on your blog.
I worked as an ABA therapist in the LA area for 5 years prior to beginning my master’s program and hope to continue to work with families affected by ASD once I graduate!
It is completely anonymous and has been approved by my university’s review board. Thank you so much! Feel free to use the comments box below if you have any questions. ”
Below is a link to the survey if you’d like to take part in it


Please share with anyone you think may be of interest.

Thanks very much in advance.

Autism Society Annual Convention July 8-11 2015- Register here!

Autism Society Annual Convention July 8-11 2015
Autism Society Annual Convention July 8-11 2015

Join the Autism Society for its 46th National Conference and Exposition in Denver, Colorado, July 8 – 11! Discover Denver’s vibrant city life, outdoor activities and 14,000 acres of scenic mountains parks this summer. The conference offers unmatched access to 100 workshops addressing every quality of life outcome for those impacted by autism including, education, social relationships, transition planning, family support a more! CEUs available. Register today: bit.ly/2015ASAConference. For more information about the 46th Autism Society National Conference and Exposition, visit www.autism-society.org/conference.

Autism Society Annual Convention July 8-11 2015 2
Autism Society Annual Convention July 8-11 2015 2

Life Study – a new research project to understand the lives and health of children announced!

Life Study - Research into childhood health
Life Study – Research into childhood health
Life Study, a research study which aims to understand and improve the lives of children and their families, has announced its that Leicester’s Hospitals which will host the next Life Study Centre. Read up more here.

Life Study is an internationally leading research study that will involve up to 80,000 babies born between 2014 and 2018 and their families across the UK. Life Study was happy to announce that Leicester will be the next and 2nd city to host Life Study. Life Study will provide insights into the health and wellbeing of children as well as making contributions to the health of children in the UK. The information collected will be used to support research and policies aimed at giving children the best possible start in life.

A big focus of the project is to develop a good picture of children’s lives in the UK today. Children from families of different ethnic and cultural groups have previously been underrepresented in earlier research studies which look at children. So it is vital they are included to ensure accurate research.

Professor Carol Dezateux, Scientific Director of Life Study said: “Life Study will help Leicester understand how to tackle key issues relevant to its children’s health and well-being. By working in partnership with Leicester’s Hospitals, Life Study will support research into children and families from an ethnically and socially diverse community.”

“The public health and policy priorities for child health in Leicester are closely aligned to those of Life Study. The information collected will help research into the childhood origins of important health problems such as obesity and diabetes and ultimately to inform future policies and healthcare services that meet local population needs.”

The first Life Study Centre, at King George Hospital in Ilford, was officially opened in March 2015 by actress, comedian and screenwriter Meera Syal who said “The wonderful thing about Life Study is that they are following so many families over such a long period, meaning we have a chance to answer some of those big questions about environment, genetic triggers and upbringing.”

Pregnant women planning to give birth at Leicester Royal Infirmary or Leicester General Hospital (LGH) and their partners will be invited to join Life Study and to come to the new Life Study Centre at LGH in the second half of their pregnancy, and again when their baby is 6 and 12 months old. Recruitment to the study will begin in summer 2015 and appointments will take place from September 2015.

“A large study like Life Study will bring funding into Leicester’s Hospitals over the duration of the study. To ensure that we are ready to start delivering the study as soon as possible, we and the Life Study have invested over one million pounds for facilities, equipment and staff. Life Study will be bringing around 20 new posts to Leicester’s Hospitals which include research midwives, research healthcare assistants and others. We are working hard to ensure that there is a dedicated Life Study Centre at Leicester General Hospital, with all the necessary staff ready to recruit the first study participants. We are very excited about this project and look forward to the launch later in the year.” said Professor Nigel Brunskill, Director of Research and Innovation at Leicester’s Hospitals and Professor of Renal Medicine at the University of Leicester

Lifestyle Management With a Chronic Illness – check out this brilliant infographic

As many of you know by now I’m a sucker for a decent infographic.

I think they are a great way of sharing health information and providing medical education to a wide range of people.

So I was delighted when Jaime got in touch telling me about this infographic she and her team have put together!

In fact it is really three infographics rolled into one.

The first looks at the impact of chronic illness in general. The second and this is really useful for people with conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis – a guide to an anti-inflammatory diet . Why not compare it to our earlier guide here.

Finally she gives a great ten pint plan for dealing with chronic illness.

What do you think?

Why not use the comments section below to add your thoughts?

Thanks very much in advance.

Lifestyle Management With a Chronic Illness
“Lifestyle Management With a Chronic Illness” on Health Perch

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month May 2015. Share with social media.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome awareness month  May 2015
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome awareness month May 2015

Eagle eyed readers will know that we looked at Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and hypermobility in a blog post a few months ago. For an overview of the condition please go here.  If you do have  Ehlers-Danlos syndrome it would be great if you could share your story at this blog to both help us raise awareness but also to provide support for people who have just been diagnosed with EDS.

There is one crucial development to that blog post which we would like to share.  At the time of writing it was believed that Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and hypermobility affected  1 in 5000 people.  Recent research has suggested the real figure might be 1 in 200.

As May 2015 is Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Awareness Month we thought it would be a great idea to ask our readers to help promote the event.  It would be great if you would  share the image above and use it as your Facebook profile just for the rest of the month.

Many thanks in advance for your help and support!

Code Blue Autism Awareness Event – Coding Minecraft Game Day Palooza – Guest post

Autism awareness and technology
Autism awareness and technology

Hi Everyone

We hope you had a great Memorial Day, long weekend, Pentecost break (depending on which country you live.

In today’s guest post we would like to introduce you to a fascinating autism awareness event which will take place in McAllen, TX on the 18th July, 2015.

Alex who wrote the guest post says ” and I work for Perficientur, a technology company that develops software technologies that allow our clients to “sense” the problems in their value chain, and enable them to take action in “real time”.

We, here at Perficientur, are committed to helping improve the community. We recently started development on an Autism Behavioral tracking app that will bridge the communication between the therapists and parents.

I am putting together an Autism Awareness event to give the young minds in the valley a place to unwind and have fun. There will be guest speakers, about various technologies that are fast growing here in the valley, as well as small video game tournaments to get the children involved.”

If you have any further questions about the event please share them in the comments section below and we will ask Alex to reply!


“A free event for young minds to come and learn about coding and to indulge in friendly competition. Children will get to play games, practice some coding and have fun doing it.”

Autism Awareness

First and foremost we would like to use this event to spread the awareness of autism.

We are going to utilize the growing industry of Code development to inform the younger generations about the future of technology, and to help them experience some unique and interesting activities.

What We Aim To Do

By exposing the younger generation to the benefits of learning to write code, especially the autistic children, we hope to give them something to grasp on to that will benefit them in the future.

We have a goal of raising $15,000 in the name of Autism Awareness and we will donate that money to an autism research facility.

Perficientur would like to be very involved in helping build the community for all to enjoy.

Who Will Attend?

We are offering this event to the younger minds in the community, Ages 9 to 15.

We believe this will be a crucial age group since children at this age are becoming more and more aware of how technology works.

By targeting this age range we can hopefully spark some interest in the younger generation and give them a head start for the future.


The event is scheduled for the 18th of July

6pm at The Barracks which is located on Nolana and Bicentennial Blvd.

Who’s on board?

  • Code RGV
  • Perficientur
  • The Barracks

Guest Speakers

We seek to have some knowledgeable guest speakers speak on behalf of:

  • Autism
  • Coding
  • Video Game Development

As an incentive for the public to engage with the guest speakers we will offer some trivia questions and have small prizes for those who know the right answer.

The small prizes will be T-shirts, Small figurines, and booster trading card packs


The guest speakers will offer their knowledge to the public in the form of “Workshops”.

  • Coding Workshop
  • Game Development Workshop
  • Photoshop/Illustrator Workshop

These Workshops will let the young minds in attendance see how they can perform these tasks on their own with little effort.


We are looking to have as many people from the community attend as possible.

This will be an open event to all who would like to join.

We will encourage parents to bring their children, as it will be an environment where the children can explore the things they can do.

It will give the parents a great opportunity to observe the interaction their kids have with technology.

Autistic children will also be encouraged to attend so they can have a moment to be themselves and to explore their abilities.

The Tournament

In addition to the workshops provided, we will also be hosting a videogame tournament.

We will have access to:

  • 5 Xbox’s running Minecraft
  • 4 Wii U’s running Super Smash Bros.
  • 8 computers for coding activities

We will offer a first, second and third place trophies to the winners.

Tournament Tasks

The Minecraft Tournament- it will consist of the players having to build specific structures in a certain about of time

The Fighting Tournament- 1v1 matches to conserve time and so everyone gets a chance to play.

The computers- Various Coding simulations will be available to learn and adapt to the changing of technology.

Everyone gets a little something

In an effort to make sure all the children leave with something, we will offer, “goodie bags” to every child.

These goodie bags will contain the same items for everyone.

These goodie bags will contain: pens, notepads, a pack of 5 trading cards, a key chain, a USB, and coupons for local restaurants.


We will look into having pizzas and beverages donated from local establishments.

We would like for the attendees not to have to worry about paying for the food and refreshments, we are offering a fun, relaxed environment.

Food and drinks will be provided free of charge.

Media Attention

We would like to get various media channels involved.

We want as many people to know about the event as possible.

The media we would like to get involved:

  • The Monitor
  • Local news stations

We will post pictures and info to our Social Media outlets as well.

How will this benefit you?

Perficientur is dedicated to informing the community about the wonders and applications of technology.

We would like to work closely with non-profit organizations and help them inform others any way we can.

We believe that the more people are informed about the changing of technology, then the more prepared they will be to absorb and understand how it is evolving

Help us help others.

Dustin’s Words – find out about this genius new tool that can help non-verbal people with autism. (Among others). A guest post from Mary Toves

Dustin's Words
Dustin’s Words

Dustin’s Words is the product of our founder Matt Reamer’s love for his autistic brother, Dustin. Dustin can’t speak, and he has a hard time getting around due to a physical disability. So Matt built a device that allows him to push a button to send a text message to his mom when they are apart. Thanks to the device Matt built for his brother, Dustin can now tell his mother when he has a headache, when he’s hungry, or when he simply wants to say, “I love you.”

For the past few months, we’ve been refining the prototype Matt built for his brother using more advanced parts and technologies. We have tested several variations of the device with a range of people who have trouble communicating. Our goal is to create an affordable, customizable, open source device and platform that families can use to meet their unique communication needs.

We are launching Dustin’s Words on Indiegogo so that we can fund the

Dustin's Words
Dustin’s Words

development, iteration, and build of Dustin’s Words. Our goal is to put 100 devices in the hands of 100 families in need at absolutely no cost to them. These first 100 devices will serve as inspiration as we further iterate Dustin’s Words to make an affordable, open source, 3D printable tool that can not only help hundreds, but thousands.

Thanks for your consideration! You can check out our campaign video:


Memorial Day 2015 – please take a few minutes off to thank all the veterans who have preserved our freedom

Army Nurse Corps Memorial Day
Army Nurse Corps Memorial Day

PatientTalk.Org would like to extend our thanks to all veterans everywhere.  In particular all members of the Army Nurse Corps this Memorial Day!

Life with Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, Bipolar disorder and Irlen Syndrome- check out the videos of Tom Schofield

A few days ago Tom Schofield got in touch to tell us about his YouTube video channel The Tom One.

Tom shares “Hello everyone, I’m Tom and I’m a 26 year old man with Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Bipolar disorder and Irlen Syndrome. I got my first diagnosis when I was five years old and that was ADHD after my primary school said I was too much of a wild child. A few years later at age 8, I was given a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and finally some accommodations were made for me at school.

At 21 I was dragged to the doctor by my then wife after experiencing extreme mood swings over a period of several months and he diagnosed me with bipolar disorder, then a few years later at 26, I saw a specialist optician after complaining about extreme light sensitivity that had plagued me my whole life, and it had started becoming worse. He told me that I had a form of vision disorder called Irlen Syndrome, a condition that is very common in autistic people, but not exclusive to us. It’s where your eyes function as usual (meaning you can have visual disorders and still have this) but your brain can’t perceive the visual input properly.

I made these videos because I wanted to help people understand autism a little better, and hopefully offer some insight into what it’s like to live with day in and day out. More videos will be done in the future, including some involving some of my friends, who are also autistic.”

He goes on “I made the videos because there was a lot of research done on autism, but hardly any of it was done by autistic people themselves, never mind portrayed it from a perspective that knew how it felt to be in these situations. I got tired of people misunderstanding behaviour from us as bad or strange, when they didn’t understand the reason. I also wanted to help parents understand their autistic children a little better.”

You can watch Tom’s videos which cover such topics as loneliness, eye contact and sensory overload by clicking on this link.