World Diabetes Day 2016 – The Highs and Lows of Type 2 Diabetes Video

World Diabetes Day 2016
World Diabetes Day 2016

Sanofi today announced that new research reveals that negative emotions are jeopardising people living with Type 2 diabetes’ ability to effectively manage their condition. A quarter of people with T2 diabetes feel anxious or fearful about getting ‘hypos’ (low blood glucose levels), with 42% preferring to have high blood glucose levels instead of risking another ‘hypo’, despite this risking life threatening conditions in the future.

UK adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes showed even modest and sustained improvement in blood glucose control could help prevent almost a million serious medical complications such as eye disease, kidney disease, foot ulcer and amputations, and potentially blindness, which could avoid billions in future NHS costs.

Blood sugar: Lowest % of T2s with low blood sugar (5 worst areas of UK for blood sugar management)
• Bristol (45.1%)
• North East Essex (41.6%)
• Central Manchester (40.1%)
• South Reading (40%)
• Kernow (40.9%)

Prevalence: Highest % of people with diabetes (5 areas with highest rates of diabetes in UK)
• Bradford (9.7%)
• Sandwell and West Birmingham (9%)
• Walsall (8.7)
• Harrow (8.7)
• Leicester City (8.9)

The UK has the worst T2 diabetes blood glucose levels in Europe, Sanofi is launching a new campaign dedicated to helping patients – ‘Highs & Lows: Better Balance for a Better Future’, thatincludes a patient support website, to help the 52% of patients with T2 diabetes who find it challenging to balance their blood glucose levels or who worry about doing so