Word Play and Learn – a new for helping children with speech development. 5 free copies available here!

Workplay and Learn
Workplay and Learn


Last year, I created an app Word Play and Learn with my daughter (then 4) to help my son (then 2 years) learn about the world around him. Its a simple (fun and interactive) app to help encourage speech development with children or adults in English and French.

Download FREE from https://goo.gl/LLLNZy

— How does it work ? —   

Touch a photo and a real voice (Child or Adult in English or French) says what it is. There are sound effects together with a wide range of #free categories to choose from, no adverts, and works offline.

It also includes a memory game (Play) where a random photo is shown asking the player to remember it and select the answer from the others.

Last week – my daughter (5 years), for school, needed to learn how to tell the time – so I added “How to tell the time”, and while I was there – added “All shapes and sizes” and “At the beach” to make 17x categories!

Funny story

When creating “tell the time” My daughter was suddenly really good at reading the clock faces – when asked – she told me her secret – “I just read the words under the picture – daddy” – made me smile! It now shows the written time when it is said and not before!

To obtain one of the five free licences for Word Play and Learn please email :wordplaylearn@gmail.com.

Please give it a try..

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Word Play & Learn! is a fun and interactive app to support speech development in English & French.

• ‘Learn’ mode – View any flash card, on selection listen to a real person say what the item is.
• ‘Play’ mode – Random flash card is selected and read out-loud. Player then has to find the random card.

• 240+ flash cards separated into easy to understand categories
• 45+ audio effects – Some cards have audio effects such as ‘Car’ – has a engine revving effect.

  • Various voice over artists
    • English child (Female)
    • English adult (Male)
    • French adult (Female)
    • Coming soon – English child (Male)• Free categories depending on voice-over artist selected
    • No adverts – please consider supporting Word Play & Learn! by purchasing a category or unlock them all!
    • Purchase confirmation to help prevent unwanted purchases!—-

    Categories include

    • Things we like to eat – A collection of items we like to eat from around the world
    • Things that move – A collection of items that can move together with sound effects
    • Animals and insects – A collection of animals and insects together with sound effects
    • In the kitchen – A collection of items found or used in a kitchen
    • Down the park – A collection of items found in a local park
    • Clothes we wear – A collection of clothes and shoes
    • In the bathroom – A collection of items found in a bathroom together with some sound effects
    • In the bedroom – A collection of items found in a bedroom together with some sound effects
    • Tools we need – A collection of tools together with some sound effects
    • Toys to play with – A collection of toys together with some sound effects
    • Colours are beautiful – Browse a collection of simple colours
    • Know the alphabet – Enjoy learning the alphabet from ‘A to Z’.
    • Learn to count – A fun way to introduce numbers covers ‘1 to 30’

Another success story was 


The other week – I added french (adult) and was blown away when I showed my daughter (now 5 years) just once and when randomly asked what’s the french for “butterfly” – she replied instantly with “papillon”. She only half played with it for 2 mins! Made my day!