What should be the purpose, in your view, of autism research?

Autism research
Autism research
One thing I should have learnt over the years is never to discuss controversial matters on the internet and social media in particular.

To be fair I always do forget and am always surprised and the sewage that gets dropped on my head . Most especially when I have the temerity to ask questions where opinions are strong but there may be no right or wrong answer.

So with that in mind I have decided to enter another difficult area for the autism community.

I’d like to look at the question of what should be the objective or purpose of research into autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

It strikes me that there are two main schools of thought on this matter (but there could be others of course). First there is the search for a “cure” for autism. The other is that we should focus our energies if developing new and more effective therapies for ASD.

I am very interested in finding out what you think on the matter.

We have set up a poll below and it would be great if you could take part!

Secondly we would love it if you could share your suggestions for new autism research and/or your views on current autism research in the comments section.

Please remember that views on questions like this really do vary. So we ask that you treat other readers and commentators with decency and charity!

Many thanks in advance.