What is sensory processing disorder (SPD)? And why it is relevant to the autism community!

As many of you know I’m the part on a ten year old on the autism spectrum.

One of the features of his autism is sensory processing disorder or SPD as it also gets called.

So what does this actually mean?

Well in John’s case all sorts of things.

He can only eat a very limited varied of rather bland foods. This is not picky eating at all but something very different.

He does not like loud noises (with the exception of fireworks) and find music off putting. He like Stockhausen though. But then he loves space and sci-fi!

Anyhow I thought it may be of use to share this great infographic outlining sensory processing disorder (SPD) in more general terms than just autism.

Over to you. Do you suffer from sensory processing disorder (SPD) and how does it present itself? Why not share in the comments box below!

Many thanks in advance!

What is sensory processing disorder (SPD)?
What is sensory processing disorder (SPD)?

Sensory Processing Disorder Infographic from North Shore Pediatric Therapy.