Ultimate Guide to Post Workout and Muscle Recovery

Guide to Post Workout Muscle Recovery
Guide to Post Workout Muscle Recovery


What you do immediately after a gym session (post-workout) is every bit as crucial as what you do before it (pre-workout), even though it seems that many of us put a lot more effort into our pre-workout than we do with post-workout. If you don’t take on board the right nutrients after an exercise, or if you neglect to give your muscles enough time to recover before your next workout, all of the training you’ve done will count for nothing. You’ve simply worked too hard in the gym to make all of that effort redundant by failing to look after yourself following the workout.

Post-workout supplements help to repair damaged muscles, refuel your energy stores, reduce inflammation and minimise the likelihood of catching a cold/flu. Therefore, it’s vital to get some post-workout nutrition as you soon as you finish exercising, as well as taking another portion within 30-60 minutes of completing the workout.

This infographic from Supplement Mart (http://www.supplementmart.com.au/) has all the key points you need to know about taking post-workout supplements, as well as documenting the importance of muscle recovery after a workout and advising as to post-workout nutrition. Take a look at the infographic below to find out just what you should be doing when your workout is completed.