The Science of peer pressure –

We all have faced it. Everyone in all generations go through peer pressure and there is no way escaping it, but surely there are ways to come through it positively. Peer pressure can impact in either ways, positive or negative but its on us to take on the type of impact. This peer pressure can start to influence us from as early as 3-4 years of age, as soon as we get the little understanding of our surroundings, situations and actions. Its up to us adults to make the kids learn the right & wrong of things and situations and take a call on our actions, not succumbing to others unreasonable demands. Kids do not require scolding for every wrong deed. Treat them as little individuals and make them understand how their actions influence others or how they will feel if some-one else does that to him.

Friends can insist, bully and compel for unfair demands or to perform any unjust action. But if we teach kids to just take time to realize and understand the pressure and what could be the effect of it. This way they can slowly learn to accept or reject the peer pressure by considering the outcome and take actions responsibly. This will help shape their life positively.

Here is an infographic depicting some ways to teach the kids to handle peer pressure effectively.


The Science of Peer Pressure
The Science of Peer Pressure by Wooden Toy Shop