World Diabetes Day 2016 – The Highs and Lows of Type 2 Diabetes Video

World Diabetes Day 2016
World Diabetes Day 2016

Sanofi today announced that new research reveals that negative emotions are jeopardising people living with Type 2 diabetes’ ability to effectively manage their condition. A quarter of people with T2 diabetes feel anxious or fearful about getting ‘hypos’ (low blood glucose levels), with 42% preferring to have high blood glucose levels instead of risking another ‘hypo’, despite this risking life threatening conditions in the future.

UK adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes showed even modest and sustained improvement in blood glucose control could help prevent almost a million serious medical complications such as eye disease, kidney disease, foot ulcer and amputations, and potentially blindness, which could avoid billions in future NHS costs.

Blood sugar: Lowest % of T2s with low blood sugar (5 worst areas of UK for blood sugar management)
• Bristol (45.1%)
• North East Essex (41.6%)
• Central Manchester (40.1%)
• South Reading (40%)
• Kernow (40.9%)

Prevalence: Highest % of people with diabetes (5 areas with highest rates of diabetes in UK)
• Bradford (9.7%)
• Sandwell and West Birmingham (9%)
• Walsall (8.7)
• Harrow (8.7)
• Leicester City (8.9)

The UK has the worst T2 diabetes blood glucose levels in Europe, Sanofi is launching a new campaign dedicated to helping patients – ‘Highs & Lows: Better Balance for a Better Future’, thatincludes a patient support website, to help the 52% of patients with T2 diabetes who find it challenging to balance their blood glucose levels or who worry about doing so

World Diabetes Day – Coffee may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes say scientists #wdd

Coffee and diabetes
Coffee and diabetes
Okay may I put my hand up and confess I love coffee so I’m always happy to repeat what I see as good news.

Indeed I covered various health benefits of coffee and caffeine in the past.

Given that today is World Diabetes Day I should not have been too surprised that I would get press releases telling me useful things about diabetes that I really did not want to know.

However I am delighted to share an exception with you my readers.

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee informs me that moderate consumption of coffee may decrease an individual’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Indeed drinking three to four cups will reduce the risk by 25%.

They have just published a report which suggest that decaffeinated coffee provided better protection than its colleague with caffeine. Filtered is better for diabetes than boiled. So it is something else in the coffee which helps rather than caffeine.

Which leads me to the conclusion that I should drop round and visit the espresso machine in the kitchen!

World Diabetes Day 2014 What is diabetes? Find out and share this great infographic #WDD

What is diabetes?
What is diabetes?

What is diabetes?

Today is World Diabetes Day 2014. To mark the occasion we are sharing this brilliant infographic which answers the question.

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Thursday 14th Nov is World Diabetes Day.

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World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Day