People with Multiple Sclerosis face ‘disturbing’ levels of workplace mistreatment says recent research! Was this true for you? Take our poll!

Types of multiple sclerosis
Types of multiple sclerosis
According to the UK’s MS Society “24% of people with MS say their employer has treated them badly as a result of their condition, and a fifth say their colleagues have.” This is according to their latest survey findings, which investigated discrimination at work for PwMS.

And “Of the people who say they have faced mistreatment from their employer, 91% say their employers knew they had Multiple Sclerosis. And 85% who faced mistreatment from their work colleagues say their colleagues were aware of their MS.

In the survey, people shared many distressing experiences of mistreatment. These included facing offensive and humiliating comments, feeling bullied and being accused of looking too well to have an illness or disability.

People also say they have lost out on promotions, been forced out of work unfairly and had requests for reasonable working adjustments denied.”

Michelle Mitchell, the Chief Executive of the MS Society shared “Our survey clearly shows the need for a shift in attitudes to better support people with long-term conditions and disabilities to stay in work. It’s disturbing to hear so many accounts of people being bullied and mistreated at work because of their condition, especially as people with MS are protected against discrimination under equality law.

“We know that some people with MS absolutely won’t be able to work because of their condition, but for those who can, simple adjustments and supportive employers can make a huge difference. We want to see more positive workplace cultures that value the important contributions that people with MS can make.”

So what about you?

Have you suffered from discrimination in the workplace because of your multiple sclerosis? Why not take our poll below.