Do you support the idea of a “soda tax” to promote health and wellness? Please take our poll!

Do we need a soda tax to fight obesity?
Do we need a soda tax to fight obesity?

As some of our readers know Philadelphia has plans bring in the so-called “soda tax” to help “fight obesity”.

In simple terms the soda tax means that those who are distributing fizzy/soft/sugary drinks will have to pay a tax or around 50c per liter. They can choose if they pass it on to their customers or not. But I think it is safe to assume they will charge their clients a bit more.

However when prices go up consumption , it is thought, will go down. This, it is hoped, will help lower rates of obesity especially among younger people?

But is this true or is it the nanny state gone mad? Is government intervention the best way of promoting good health and wellness?

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