Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Awareness Week 2013 – submit for questions about OCD for WebTV show!

OCD Awareness Week
OCD Awareness Week

Log on to the  live web TV show on the first day of OCD Awareness Week to find out the symptoms of this mental illness, what it can lead to, what can be done to treat it and what the risks are of ignoring signs

Show date: Monday 14th October

Show time: 2pm

In recent years OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has been the subject of many TV documentaries, reality TV shows and even stand-up comedy routines. But how many of us could actually be suffering from some of the traits of the condition without even realising it?

Official estimates are that 1.2% of the population suffer from OCD, however new research released by Benenden Health and backed by charity OCD UK reveals the numbers could be much higher.

From obsessive checking of things like making sure appliances are turned off and doors are locked, to compulsive hand washing, hoarding and pervasive thoughts that if everything isn’t in order bad things will happen, OCD can come in many different forms.

But how serious is the condition, what can it lead to from a mental health perspective and how easy is it to treat?

Log on to Benenden Heath’s live Web TV show where Ashley Fulwood, Chief Executive of OCD UK and Dr Victoria Bream Oldfield, Clinical Psychologist (OCD Specialist) discuss OCD – from recognising the symptoms and traits of the condition, to treatment and the risks of ignoring the warning signs in both yourself and others.