Celebrate International Clinical Trials Day – find out how here!

This year Leicester’s Hospitals are doing something slightly different to promote research. They are

James Lind - the father of clinical trials
James Lind – the father of clinical trials
going out into the community.

International Clinical Trials (ICT) Day is an annual event held on 20 May. The date was chosen in recognition of James Lind, a naval surgeon who conducted the first recorded clinical trial on 20 May 1753. Members of Lind’s crew were suffering from Scurvy, which is a disease that causes swollen, bleeding gums and previously healed wounds to open. Lind created a trial where he divided the sailors into different groups and gave them specific items to eat and drink. The group that had been given oranges and lemons had practically recovered in just five days, leading to his theory that citrus fruit – vitamin C – cured the disease.

ICT day was established to celebrate clinical research across the world and to provide a focal point to promote clinical research to members of the public.

So Leicester’s Hospitals got in touch to tell us what they plan to do. Which include

•Opening our doors to the Clinical Research Facility at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Come in, take a tour and take part in a mock trial to show how a research study works in practice
•Visit our stand in the restaurant to talk about children’s research
•Treat yourself to culinary delights with a bake sale to help raise money for cancer research in the Osborne building
•And visit us in Beaumont Leys!

Would you consider taking part in a clinical trial? Why not take part in our poll on the subject here.

If you know of any events to celebrate