The Story of Dentistry – this is a really brilliant introduction

The history of dentistry
The history of dentistry

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The whole area of dentistry actually spans back further than many will realise. Oral health and functioning teeth are an important factor in overall health therefore people have always seen the importance in taking care of them. Studying to be a dentist today takes many years as students need to learn the basics of medicine s as well as the whole nature of dentistry and what is involved in promoting good oral health.

Of course, dentistry also expands into orthodontics which is a more specialized area covering improper bites and crooked teeth. In recent years, we have also seen huge increases in the popularity of cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry surgery as people’s focus has moved more onto the aesthetics of the teeth and perfection a smile.

This StoryMap from Study Medicine Europe aims to chart the interesting history of dentistry on an interactive timeline. Learn about the origins of the discipline and how it has evolved over time.