Must known 11 Amazing Things & Facts About Orthodontics (Infographic)

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry and there are a lot of people around the world of different age groups who take orthodontic treatments. Some need it for proper alignment of their teeth’s and some for facial balance. A beautiful smile has its own importance as it boosts confidence and also helps in clear speech patterns.

Orthodontics infographic
Orthodontics infographic

Many people going through orthodontic treatment are not aware of some amazing facts and things about orthodontics. So, here is an interesting infographic by Syden Orthodontics an orthodontic product supplier on the topic Must Known 11 Amazing Things & Facts About Orthodontics which will give you some facts and information like who is known as the father of modern dentistry, first dental school in the world, right time for kids to get a dental check-up and much more. If you like the infographic then please share it on social media and pass on the information to others too.

Autism 101: What We Know Today – What do you think should be added to this infographic?

Autism 101: What We Know Today – a great name for an infographic and it caught my attention.

But as we also know our knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder (or should it be Condition?) grows with each year.

So we were wondering what information do you think should be added to this infographic to make sure it is up to date.

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Autism 101: What We Know Today
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Do you have an allergy? Check out this humorous infographic!

These days allergies seem to be all the rage. So we loved this tongue in cheek infographic.   Sometimes it is necessary to poke a little bit of fun at fashions in healthcare.  In this case allergies!

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But it is a serious business with allergic reaction being the reason for many trips to the Emergency Room.  Or as the British say A&E.

If you have a food allergy you can share your thoughts at our poll here.

Lifestyle Management With a Chronic Illness – check out this brilliant infographic

As many of you know by now I’m a sucker for a decent infographic.

I think they are a great way of sharing health information and providing medical education to a wide range of people.

So I was delighted when Jaime got in touch telling me about this infographic she and her team have put together!

In fact it is really three infographics rolled into one.

The first looks at the impact of chronic illness in general. The second and this is really useful for people with conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis – a guide to an anti-inflammatory diet . Why not compare it to our earlier guide here.

Finally she gives a great ten pint plan for dealing with chronic illness.

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Lifestyle Management With a Chronic Illness
“Lifestyle Management With a Chronic Illness” on Health Perch