What testing your DNA can tell you

Do I need to test my DNA?

Good question.

A fair few medical conditions have a genetic component. Breast cancer and celiac disease for two example.

Them there are other condition like autism where the jury is still out but it does seem a strong possibility!

So it can be worth checking. This infographic gives you a bit more information on DNA testing should you chose to do so!

What Can Your DNA Tell You

From Visually.

Does anyone else in your family have Fibromyalgia?

Does anyone else in your family have fibromyalgia?
Does anyone else in your family have fibromyalgia?

Does anyone else in your family have Fibromyalgia?

Is Fibromyalgia inherited or a genetic condition?

Opinions on this important matter differ so we thought we would find out more from our readers.

Can you help?

It would be great if you could take part in and share the poll below.

Could you also share it with other members of the fibromyalgia and autoimmune communities please?

If you would like to share more about your story when not use the comments box to tell us a bit more about your family and fibromyalgia.

Many thanks in advance!

Multiple Sclerosis Are you the only person in your family to have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

Tie One on for Multiple Sclerosis
Tie One on for Multiple Sclerosis

Are you the only person in your family to have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

Actually this is quite an important question as many people in the multiple sclerosis community are concerned that others in their family will develop the condition.

Some years ago when I discussed the question with a neurologist they said , rather lamely, that it was genetic in some cases.

So I thought the most useful thing to do would be to ask my readers. This should tell us a bit more about the incidence of multiple sclerosis in families.

Please feel free to add any thoughts you might have about ms and genetics in the comments section below!

Free webinar on multiple sclerosis and pain management

One of our readers has written to us saying “I wanted to let you know that on December 2 2015 at 1PM EST we are conducting another webinar for the MS community. The webinar will be hosted by Dr. Yael Wilnai who will discuss topics of pain management, genetics of Multiple Sclerosis and a review of the latest clinical trials. We will also have a guest speaker Ms. Yvonne Decelis who is affected by Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia and she will speak about her patient journey and how she uses nutrition and exercise to manage her conditions.

I would appreciate the opportunity to offer your members our webinar and am including an invitation and banner that provides more details. The registration link is www.genefo.com/webinarms.”

GeneFo Multiple sclerosis webinar
GeneFo Multiple sclerosis webinar
GeneFo Multiple sclerosis webinar
GeneFo Multiple sclerosis webinar

Creating a Special Gift with a Family Tree – a guest post from Suzie Kolber

This is a bit of an odd choice of guest post to be selected for inclusion in a healthcare blog but

Suzie Kolber
Suzie Kolber
please bear with me.

Over the last few years it has become increasingly obvious that many conditions , such as autism or multiple sclerosis, have a genetic or inherited element to them. So if one is going to take part in genetic counseling , and many of us will it is good to have at least some idea of our family tree. So Suzie Kolber very kindly offered to provide us with an outline of how to set up a family tree.

Kolber writes “Researching your family history can teach you a lot about your ancestry. It also makes a wonderful gift once you have completed your research. Give it as an anniversary present, birthday gift or for other special occasions. If this is your plan, you need to begin early, especially if you plan to go in-depth with your research.

Set a Goal

You have numerous options for how you want to create your family tree. You may want to select a template that covers three or four generations related to the recipient of the gift. This option will have special meaning since the person already knows the people listed.

You may prefer to be more historic in your approach and select a ten- or eleven-generation family tree template. This option makes for a wonderful gift that will appeal to many people. Just be prepared that the research could take you several months so play far ahead if this is the approach you choose.

Another option is to take smaller templates and create multiple family trees. For instance, you may decide to cover the ancestry of all of the person’s grandparents. You would create four separate templates that could be placed together in a large frame. You would probably select three- or four-generation templates to ensure that everything fits in the space and isn’t too overwhelming.

Choose a Template

Once you know what kind of research you will need to do and how much information you want to present, you need to decide on the format. Numerous options are available to suit many tastes. A landscape family tree template is a classic choice with ovals where you can put either information or photos.
Bowties and wide or tall trees are other options that are ideal for three- or four-generations. They often allow you to include photos or more information other than just the names to personalize your design.

For more in-depth research, you can also use the bowtie design. You may also want to try a circular pattern to fit more names into the space. A chart format is another option when you have a lot of names to include. It is easy to read and keeps everything organized. To be more decorative, choose a template that includes a border. You can even find ones that allow you to input the family crest.
Give the family tree as a wedding or anniversary present and include both families of the couple on your template. A bowtie design is the ideal choice for this gift and is easy to read.

When giving a gift of a family tree to someone, you want it to be visually pleasant to look at and easy to follow. You may want to include photos or more data to create a gift that is interesting and will have meaning to the recipient. This is both a unique and heartfelt gift that you put a lot of time and effort into. Choose the right design for your gift that fits the information you collected and puts it into a lovely display. ”