Ending Fatigue and Improving Wellbeing – Find out how one woman achieved the near impossible!

Jessie Pavelka
Jessie Pavelka

Meet Jean Kerr who climbed Ben Nevis six months into participating in Jessie Pavelka’s CiscoPavelka programme to strengthen employee mental wellbeing

An alarming one in three British working professionals have confessed that they do not feel supported at work with over half saying they would consider changing jobs this year as a result, according new research commissioned by Cisco.

Whilst many businesses have adapted to support their employees as the pace of work has rapidly increased, the research shows that companies are struggling to retain employees. More than one in four working professionals complain the stress they experience at work directly impacts their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Jean Kerr is a classic example of a working professional struggling to carry on after suffering personal tragedy. After Jean’s family was involved in a car accident, she had a profound mental impact, which made her question why she was feeling so burnt out.

“I shouldn’t be so tired,” was Jean’s biggest wake-up call since she found herself questioning that every morning as she made her way to work.

Jean participated in international fitness and wellbeing expert, Jessie Pavelka’s CiscoPavelka programme, which strengthened her mental health resilience and provided her with the foundation that led to her six months later climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain on the British Isles.

“It’s the faith that I needed to find in me,” said Jean confessing that her biggest weakness was not being comfortable with asking for help.

After adjusting her lifestyle and making time for fitness and wellbeing, Jean feels like a new person and says: “Why didn’t I just ask sooner.”

Follow Jean’s journey below with Jessie Pavelka and the CiscoPavelka programme

Nursing Student Guide to Fitness, Nutrition and Overall Wellness

Nurses and Fitness
Nurses and Fitness

Good nutrition and overall wellness play an important role when taking on a rigorous course load such as that of nursing students. This guide covers a wealth of information including action items and tips for making nutrition, fitness and physical and mental well-being a top priority. Experts weigh in with their first-hand experience helping students in these three areas offering pro-tips for bettering nutrition, increasing fitness and taking care of yourself while in nursing school.

Link – http://www.cnaclasses.org/nursing-student-fitness-nutrition-and-overall-wellness-guide/

Different ways to stay fit with your busy lifestyle

Developing a daily workout schedule is hard and not a custom to most of us. We tend to sink deep into our daily routines and forget to remind ourselves of the need for setting aside some time to give our bodies fitness treats. Staying physically fit while attending to your daily chores is a possibility as long as these simple dos and don’ts are adhered to.

 Intensify your working

Diets for weight loss
Diets for weight loss

 Good lifestyle fitness and an organized workout plan are critically important insofar as weight loss is concerned. Schedule your days’ activities by dividing your days working hours and the jobs you will be doing during each session while taking into account the amount of energy required for each activity. Give yourself some time to rest before embarking on your next activity. The trick here is to get as much exercise as possible to help strengthen your muscles, monitor your pulse and burn fat.

A continuous 30-50 min workload in your subdivided plan followed by adequate rest time before the next session is the most ideal way to go. This will ensure your fitness level is at your sleeve while at the same time shedding off extra weight.

Commit to a fitness workout time-table

Although one can comfortably do without this, it’s important to draw and strictly carry out a good fitness plan. Having time to the gym, no matter how busy your day may look will always be a plus in your weight loss program.

An hour or so for aerobics isn’t a bad decision either. Besides the fun or enthusiasm associated with the training session, there are other numerous healthy benefits you can always enjoy – losing weight is just one of them.

Have a little fun

A day with fun is a day worth remembering. Working from sunrise to sunset won’t make you a successful. Fun and little play will help refresh your mind, cut off your day’s stress and most importantly, help you burn the extra fats in your body. As a matter of fact, having the right weight keeps obesity and heart related complications at bay.

Team work

Haven’t you heard that two heads are better than one? Then get a partner and work your way out to achieving your weight loss goals together. Getting a like-minded partner is a great a challenge but the ideal thing is to find someone you will enjoy working with, have fun together  and the one that will remind you to go for a run or jog when you are fully engrossed in your favorite movie.

Teaming up with a friend will make you do more than what you do when you are alone. That means working as a team will not only make you burn more fat but will also ensure you remain and in the right mood.

Make friends with the kitchen

Getting rid of the obsession of processed foods, restaurant meals and deviating from take-away from cafeterias is must if you want to achieve any progress in weight loss resolutions.  Having a whole week feeding plan and timetable will help you avoid this unhealthy habit. Eating vegetables and cereals on certain days and carrying packed lunch on daily basis at work won’t cost you as much. Irrespective of your status, teens or CEOs alike break the rule and take to the kitchen to live long and stay fit.

Engage in physical fitness daily

Our health is always our priority and staying fit is the only guarantee of living healthily. How we should stay fit and work at the same time is more often a puzzle to many.

Follow these few simple weight loss tips and you will find yourself ticking towards your ultimate goal of a fit, flexible and healthy physique.

Exercising alone won’t guarantee us food on the table; hence, a great deal is on how to fix our routine exercising plan into our daily schedule without brushing shoulders with relevant protocols around us.

A routine interval workout plan can be a great solution in such circumstances. A proper analysis of what you are expected of during the day and good grooming of your style of working with a little intensity can work you miracles as far as your staying fit and weight loss scale is concerned.

Let your hobbies in

Nothing entertains more than doing what you enjoy doing.  Discovering your likes and dislikes and perfecting on your likes will help you shed off a considerable amount of weight.

Take for example an artiste who loves music, and takes her performance to the nearby church during his/her free time, dancers who train daily using new different styles and a footballer who will take to the pitch on daily basis to perfect his skills. This group besides enjoying their take has an upper hand when it comes to staying fit and healthy.





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How Regular Exercise Helps Lose Weight

Regular activity is very vital for good health and is especially much important if one is trying to cut off excess weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight levels. More body activities are needed when one intents to loose weight. The reason behind this is that physical activities increase the amount of calories your body uses for energy. The burning of calories through physical activities together with reduced amounts of calories intake creates caloric deficit that results in weight loss.

Accelerates Burning of Calories

Fitness and Weight Loss
Fitness and Weight Loss

According to latest weight loss news & tips most of the weight loss occurs due to reduced caloric intake. However, evidence shows that the only way to lose drastically is to get engaged in regular physical activities. Regular physical activities can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular and diabetes apart from weight loss. Physical activities also help reduce high blood pressure, minimizes chances of contacting type 2 diabetes, heart attack and several forms of cancer. They also reduce the risk of arthritis, pain and associated disability, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and also minimize symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Weight loss activity has for a long time been confused with a pack of myths that have no scientific proofs behind them. However, there a few tips that are mainly based from scientific findings by some of the world’s most qualified scientists and have been rated with positive implications towards weight loss approaches. This is a high time to dawn light broadly to everyone that regular exercises works out perfectly with the combination of the following latest weight loss tips. Here are some of the latest lifestyle news and tips for weight loss that are worth trying:

  1. Drink much water prior to mealtime

This is an open truth and for real drinking water before meals works out perfect to enhance weight loss. One boosts metabolism by 24 to 30% over a period of 1 to 1.5hours by drinking water. This helps in burning excess calories. Drinking water about half an hour before meals helps dieters eat fewer calories and loose approximately 44% more weight.

  1. Consume protein-rich breakfast

Apart from nutritional benefits that one gets by eating eggs, it also helps him/her lose weight. Numerous studies have found that replacing a grain-based breakfast with eggs help you eat fewer calories for the next few hours. You will also feel satisfied for the better part of the day before main meals. Won’t this prevent you from reaching out to unhealthy snacks? This helps one lose more weight and body fat. If at all you can’t eat eggs at all, any source of quality protein for breakfast can tickle out the trick.

  1. Make black coffee your favorite beverage

Coffee has been unfairly demonized over years and for real quality coffee is loaded with antioxidants that that contains lots of health benefits. Research shows caffeine in coffee can boost metabolism by 4-10% and thus increase fat burning up from 15-30%. However, it is recommendable to avoid using too much sugar because it is rich in calories which can completely negate all the benefits you may expect from the coffee. In addition, taking green tea also works out in a similar way as coffee since it contains some fractions of caffeine that works in synergistic ways to enhance the burning of excess fats. It can be taken either as a beverage or green tea extract supplement.

  1. Use coconut oil in all your meals

Coconut oil is very healthy and its high in special fats called medium chain triglycerides which are metabolized differently than other fats. One should replace his/her current cooking oil with coconut oil and this will boost metabolism by 120 calories per day, reduce appetite to the extent that you start eating 25% fewer calories per day.

  1. Take supplements

In reference to online publications of the latest lifestyle news and tips, supplementing has always been an option for those who can’t have access to balanced diets that are rich in minerals and essential nutrients. There are many supplements that are rich in fiber, which helps to absorb water and sits in the gut for long hours, making you feel fuller and helping you eat fewer calories.

Additional Tips

In addition to the above factors, one should also cut on added sugar, eat less refined carbs by switching to a low carb diet, exercise portion control or count calories, keep health food around in case he/she gets hungry and above all, use smaller plates that makes you get used to eating small amounts of food.  This will ensure that you are burning more calories than you eat.


Excess weight comes about as a result of poor eating habits that result in excess calories. No one enjoys it when he/she is reading overweight. This makes him or her uncomfortable and this limits the social life that one lives. Therefore, for comfort, regular exercises and better eating habits help one to live a healthy and happy life.




“A journey of 1000 li starts with 1 step” – Some thoughts on fitness, walking and pedometers.


It’s an old Chinese proverb.  But I’m sure you know that.  Similar, I think, to the modern phrase – “You gotta start somewhere!”  And you do you know.

The phrase hit me again after a rather unpleasant chat with my doctor.  She told me in no uncertain terms that I had to lose weight, lower cholesterol, drop the predilection for gin with full fat tonic or I was on the road to perdition.  Well lifelong medication anyhow.

I noted the terrifying visions for my future that were laid out in front of me and decided to do something about them.

My diet has never been a major issue except, I suppose, in the quantities I consume.  That being said my real problem is exercise.  I’ve never really enjoyed it and find it very tough to get motivated.

Yes, I’ve tried the gym (up to and including a personal trainer) and power walking.  But time and real-life always seem to get in the way.

So what am I doing?   Well, the first thing was to dig out my old exercise bike (yes I’ve used that before as well) and once I got it working again I am trying to ride for 10 miles each day.

The other thing I’m doing is using a pedometer.  What I hear you cry is that? Well, it is a small red object  (see the picture illustrating this blog post)  which I wear around my neck which records how far I’ve walked each day.  It can calibrate (calculate) this in a number of different ways including distance, number of steps taken , calories burnt and time taken.

So according to the UK’s NHS site we should all be aiming to walk around 10,000 steps each day at least.  In fact if you work behind a desk (as I do) this is not as easy as I had thought  a couple of weeks ago.  It is damned difficult to combine with a job and having children.

So what is the point of this post?

Well actually I’d like your help please.  I’m really interested in the experiences of our readers who have had to take up exercise in middle age.  I’m thinking in terms of some of the following questions:-

1) What fitness programme do you use and how often do you use it?

2) Do you use any gadgets like pedometers to help?  If so how do they work for you?  Oh, and which one would you recommend?

3) How do you keep motivated to exercise over time?

4) Do you have a particular medical condition which means that you need to exercise more?

5) Any general bits of advice for me and our readers.

Obviously these are just some broad questions.  If you have anything you would like to share in the comments box below that would be brilliant.


Many thanks