Dystonia Awareness Week – Join the social media thunderclap and help raise Dystonia awareness!

Dystonia Awareness Week
Dystonia Awareness Week

Even you have visited this site before you will know that as well as promoting awareness of different health conditions I am also of the view that social media represents a game changer as far as healthcare is concerned.

This week is Dystonia Awareness Week and the organisers are organising a social media thunderclap to promote the week. I would urge all my readers to take part and help change the perception of dystonia. You can sign up below!


So what is dystonia? The excellent Dystonia UK describe it as follows. “Dystonia is an incurable neurological condition that affects around 70,000 people in the UK. The condition causes involuntary muscle spasms that force the body into disabling movements and postures. Dystonia can affect muscles in almost any part of the body, resulting in symptoms such as functional blindness, severe twisting of the neck and debilitating contortion of the hands. It can cause difficulties with movement, eating, talking, writing, reading and sometimes even sitting up. Pain and social isolation are also common.”

Finally can we suggest you have a look at Dystonia UK’s website here.

Thanks very much for taking part in the social media thunderclap.