Men and women attempt to reverse aging process – read our FAQ about dermal fillers.

Dr Zack Ally
Dr Zack Ally

New survey reveals Britons seek anti-aging treatments to stay competitive in work, reward themselves and maintain youthfulness.

Nearly a third of UK adults have had aesthetic treatment for a change in job or career, according to new research released today underlining that youthfulness still equates to success in work for many people.

Survey results also highlighted that 1 in 5 women in the UK have dermal fillers to turn the clock back and retain their beauty while surprisingly, almost 40% of respondents, aged 25-44, said they would have aesthetic treatment if their partner wanted them to.

Until now, 90% of all aesthetic procedures have been carried out on women; however Intraline’s research found that UK men are threatening to buck the trend with 25% of survey respondents having dermal fillers to reward themselves.

Weddings were identified as a key milestone with 1 in 25 women undergoing treatment to look their best on their big day and 10% having a procedure for a significant birthday.

To find out more about dermal fillers we interview Dr Zack Ally a pioneering physician who is CEO and Founder of Derma Medical, a state of the art aesthetic training provider for doctors.

PatientTalk.Org – Firstly, what is a dermal filler and how do they work?

Dr Zack Ally – So, dermal fillers are injections of hyaluronic acids which is something that our body naturally produces and as we age we tend to lose hyaluronic acids and as a result of that our faces start to loose volume and descend. By injecting volume back into the skin you can essentially take back years and lift up the face. You can do quite a lot with dermal fillers, you can anchor, you can mould, you can shape, you can lift and you can create a very natural look appearance with dermal fillers.

PatientTalk.Org – And are there any dangers involved with dermal fillers?

So with any procedure there are always complications, but there are also ways of minimising that as well. The dangers of injecting are going outside the territories of injections, although areas which we call landmarks or safe zones. You can obviously inject in to areas nearby, there are certain structures within the face that we tend to avoid, vessels and injection depth. So you can actually avoid that by sticking to landmarks, so generally speaking the procedure can be quite safe if it’s done properly and as a training company our aim really is to teach people the landmarks of how to inject safely, how much to be using, where to be using the product and exactly what you’re using. By ticking all those boxes you tend to be quite safe in distribution and the look you intend to achieve with it.

PatientTalk.Org – If somebody wanted to get dermal fillers, who provides them and how is the profession regulated?

Dr Zack Ally – The industry is not the best regulated at the moment. In terms of getting dermal fillers
Intraline manufacture dermal fillers, they manufacture very natural looking dermal fillers as well,

Leslie Ash
Leslie Ash
which have a density enough to create good volume, with retaining a natural look. You can get them directly from the company itself Intraline and directly through speaking to the manufacturers such as ourselves and the product, the company providers as well. Most of the delegates that train in our companies tend to have access directly to these dermal fillers through our training days and in terms of our regulation, people that are trained in dermal fillers receive certification, making sure they can administer them safely. Once they have received their certification and got insured in dermal fillers, they are able to practice independently afterwards.

PatientTalk.Org – Are there any medical benefits as opposed to just cosmetic benefits?

Dr Zack Ally – With dermal fillers not so much medical, it’s more cosmetic but with some of the other aesthetic treatments that are offered in the industry somethings are actually medical. With neurotoxins elegant Botox or other forms of Botox that can be used for excessive sweating, they can be used for people who have got bruxism, which is a painful jaw when they bit or grind their teeth. They can also be used for medical reasons in effect, back in the day when they were used more often for this purpose, people that have high tone in their muscles or people that have problems with their bladder, or people that have squints and all these indications for Botox really were for the eye itself and all the muscular structures in the area which cause excessive movement, so Botox will work by relaxing that movement and minimising the tension in the muscle.

PatientTalk.Org –Why are they becoming more common for cosmetic reasons? Why are men using them?

Dr Zack Ally – So, in this day and age for many people it’s important for people to look good and feel good and people that do look good and feel good often tend to perform better in their day to day lives. The industry as you quite rightly say, you are seeing lot more men take the treatments and because it’s available it’s minimally invasive, it’s quite simple to do in terms of administering the procedure and in terms of safety you know it’s safe to inject these cosmetic injectables. Lots of the time these products are actually reversible they are not permanent and even when they do occur you can minimise a top up. The benefit of dermal fillers and Botox above surgical treatments are the fact that, again it’s cheaper to do and also you can achieve the same results with less interventional operative time. With men in particular you are seeing a significant increase in demand because, I think men care more now days about their appearance and are not afraid to take that to the next step, something that seemed to be more of a feminine treatment is now being taken a lot more by men. In fact 25 percent of our respondents have shown that there is a 25% increase in men’s use for Botox and fillers.

PatientTalk.Org – What is Hyaluronic acid and how does it work and what is the value to the user?

Dr Zack Ally – So as I mentioned earlier Hyaluronic acid is the component of dermal fillers, it’s something that our body naturally produces and we can actually replenish that but introducing a dermal filler into the skin which is the deeper component of the skin to add that volume back.

PatientTalk.Org – And last and final question could you just tell us the research and methodically and how was the sample constructed?

Dr Zack Ally – The sample was part of the UK media launch that Intraline conducted into consumer market research lead by a company called opinion matters to assess the attitude people have towards cosmetic treatments within the UK . We had 2000 people above the age of 25 ask questions about the industry and what they would like to do and how they see it and generally speaking overall results showed that nearly a third of UK population would choose to have those treatments for a change in their career or their job which underlays really the youthfulness still acquaints to success in the workplace for many people. Of that population 1 in 5 women who shown in the UK to request dermal fillers to turn back the clock and maintain a youthful look and retain their beauty and as we said earlier lots of men see a increase in demand for the products as well because of its availability and what’s being offered these days we are seeing a lot more people request Botox and Dermal fillers and companies such as ours help train practitioners to perform these procedures safely and effectively and I think it’s about getting the awareness out there and that is what is being seen and received on their end.