Cervical Screening – why is might save your life!

Why do women need to have regular cervical screening?

Find out why with this brilliant infographic from Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

Please feel free to share with everyone you know to get the word out!

Cervical Screening - why is might save your life!
Cervical Screening – why is might save your life!

Cervical Screening Awareness Week – Don’t forget your smear test!

Cervical Screening Awareness Week
Cervical Screening Awareness Week
I know it is mid-week and so we apologize for the lateness of this blog post. But as they say better late than never.

This week is Cervical Screening Awareness Week. So as you can imagine this post is pretty straightforward in its message.

As Jo’s Trust the organisers of the week say “The week aims to highlight the importance of cervical screening (smear) and how attending a screening invitation can help to prevent cervical cancer. “

It seems that over 1/5 of women in the UK forget to attend their smear tests so the week is , as you can see, very important.

Jo’s Trust have produced a rather good fact sheet on cervical screening which you can download here.Cervical Screening . To help us promote the week it would be brilliant if you .could share the fact sheet with all the women you know. Yes we do mean all of the.

If you want to tweet the page or post it on Facebook ( for which many thanks) please feel free to use the hashtags #CSAW14 and #ScreeningSavesLives.

Many thanks in advance.