Some great apps for children on the autism spectrum and other special needs

As readers know I’m a sucker for social media and digital technology.

Here are a few apps to helps children, teachers and parents with special needs education.

Do you know of any others?

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5 Amazing Apps for Special Students

From Visually.

Is there an App for that Part One? Multiple Sclerosis and Smartphone Apps ( and not forgetting tablets). Which ones do you use?

Apps for Multiple Sclerosis
Apps for Multiple Sclerosis
Yes I know I keep on going on about how social media will change healthcare beyond all recognition. Indeed the reason you are reading this blog post is almost certainly because you have seen a link on some kind of social media.

But how does this fit into the day to day of actually having and managing a chronic medical condition. In fact I was challenged yesterday on this very subject online.

The correspondent said that they had yet to find an app for the multiple sclerosis community which was really useful. Which got me thinking. A quick blast on my iPhone got me links to more or less marketing puff. Not that i object to marketing puff but you know what I mean.

So I thought I would find out from my readers what Apps they uses to help treat or manage their multiple sclerosis.

I would be great if you could share your experiences in the comments box below. It would be great if you could think about some of the following questions:-

1) What is the name of the App you use? Do you have a link to more information?
2) What does the App set out to do?
3) How does it specifically help your multiple sclerosis?
4) Can you give it a mark out of 10 where 10 is brilliant and 0 is well you know?
5) If you can add anything you think will be of interest to our readers that would be superb.

Finally if you have written an App for MS or have one you think would be of use to a person with Multiple Sclerosis you are very welcome to add some information below. but please do state that you are a manufacturer just so we know.

Thanks very much in advance.

Healthcare Feedback – How easy is it to really communicate with your healthcare providers? Social media and healthcare!

Healthcare feedback
Healthcare feedback

I need a check-up.

Well actually my wife tells me I need a check-up – so that is much more serious.    Middle age and Christmas excess leads to thoughts of diabetes but that is another matter.

At my primary care provider (family doctor) it is pretty straight forward to make an appointment online.  Though I have to wait 2 weeks to see my GP which seems a bit long.  But such is the price we pay for socialised medicine.

But the purpose of this post is not to whine about the UK’s NHS waiting lists.  (Though I could if I wanted to!)

Rather it is to look at the ways that our healthcare providers allow us to communicate with them.   My PCP allows me to make appointments with an online booking system but otherwise

Healthcare feedback
Healthcare feedback

communication is via telephone and letter rather than email.  Even more irritating the PCP will often act as a gate keeper to communication with other more specialist services.   (Though this situation is improving in the UK it still has a long way to go).

So what am I getting at?   Well it strikes me that in these days of social media and apps that healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals etc)  not having even embraced email seems more than a bit silly.

Indeed as regular readers will know our son is autistic.  This means that we have to attend meetings with various people across the provider world.  In one of these meeting I asked if we could communicate by email.  She actually looked a bit shocked that a “client” should want to be able to communicate quickly and efficiency.    Naturally she turned down the request briskly.    That was less than a month ago and I dread to think what not being able to communicate via email has cost the British tax payer.   I’ve spend time on the phone and received costly letter (as has my doctor) when a 30 second email could have sorted everything.

Healthcare feedback
Healthcare feedback

So I’m wondering what the situation in like in different countries.  Do feel free to share your experiences of what works best (or doesn’t) in your country?  How do you communicate with your healthcare providers and how might communication be improved?  Do you use apps and social media?  Would you like to?

As regular followers of this blog may know I have spent quite a large part of my career in healthcare market research.  This sort of explains some of the pictures adorning the blog.  They are of a new way to collect feedback by users of a hospital local to me.

So I’m also wondering what you think of this kind of market research taking place in hospitals.  Do anonymous research surveys have their value or are they just an excuse for Public Relations puff from the hospital’s marketing department?

Use the comments box below to share your views.

Thanks in advance.