Suzie’s Toilet Time. – a book for autistic children to help with toilet training.

Suzies Toilet Book
Suzies Toilet Book

A few days ago we ran the second in our series of blogs on autism and challenging behaviour  For this blog we looked at toilet training for children with autism. You can check out the original blog here –

Most of the discussion took place on our Facebook page AutismTalk  ( and one commenter mentioned a book she had written on the subject.  Charlotte Olson, the author, has a micro blog introducing us to Suzie’s Toilet Time.

She writes:-

“Enter the bathroom with Suzie and become aware of the different textures, lighting and sounds in the bathroom.

From the bright tiles, to the fluffy carpet and the noisy sounding flush.

A simple story to help any child who may be anxious about going to the bathroom and using the toilet.

If Suzie can do it, then so can you.

Please take a look at my website, here you will see further titles.”

So drop round and check the book out.  Please drop back to this post and let us know how useful you found the book!