Osteoporosis – Top 5 High Impact Exercises For Stronger Bones

Statistics has it that people above the age of 50 are nearly 50% more likely to develop an osteoporosis-related fracture, particularly in the spine, hip and wrist. One of the most effective ways to strengthen your bones is through engaging in regular exercises. You can start exercising today irrespective of your age or gender to prevent osteoporosis.  According to Nicole Dorsey, an exercise physiologist, your bones become more fragile as you age, and thus you should learn how to exercise safely. Since Osteoporosis makes your bones weaker, you are at an increased risk of fractures if you don’t exercise with care.


Here are top 5 high-impact exercises to strengthen your bones:


  1. Superman Exercise
Top 5 High Impact Exercises For Stronger Bones
Top 5 High Impact Exercises For Stronger Bones

Superman exercise involves Pilates-based moves that are specifically designed to stretch and strengthen muscles along your spine. They are great moves to stabilize your entire core and the back.

  • Lie face down on a mat and place your forehead lightly on a towel
  • Keeping your thighs together, extend your legs straight behind you while squeezing your      inner thigh muscles
  • Reach your hands overhead such that the pinkies are touching the floor with your palms facing each other.
  • Gently lift your right arm forward and off from the floor about 2 inches and hold this position for about 5 seconds before lowering and repeating with the other arm.
  1. Lifting Weights

Numerous researchers indicate that you can increase your bone mass, especially on your spine, through strength training workouts. About a 2009 research from Canada’s McMaster University, performing weight training exercises for one year can increase spinal bone mass by 9% in postmenopausal women. However, it should be done with a lot of care to prevent bone joint pain, especially in the arms, hips and back.

  •     Select a convenient weight and perform 8-12 slow and steady repetition in a row and stop.


  •     Take 30 to 60 seconds rests between sets. Beginners should perform a set thrice every week, and gradually work up over a couple of months.


  1. Standing Hip Abduction

This happens to be one of the most effective exercises that is also gentle for patients receiving psoriatic arthritis treatment. It involves standing leg lifts that strengthens the muscles around the hip while lubricating hip joints that are vulnerable to fractures in osteoporosis patients.

  • Place a firm, high-backed chair or bench about a foot from your left side
  • Hold the top of the bench with your left hand while standing with feet hip-width apart, your knees bent and belly tightly firm
  • Gently lift your right leg out to the side about 6 inches off the floor while keeping it straight.
  • Point your toe slightly and hold this position for 3 seconds before slowly lowering your foot to the ground.
  • Make 8-12 repetitions and switch to your left foot.


  1. Band Step-outs


Resistance band set-outs help to improve flexibility while strengthening muscles. They are ideal for preventing bone joint pain in patients suffering from osteoporosis as they don’t strain your joints.

  • Using a resistance band that sits loosely around your mid-thighs, place your arms alongside your body or on your hips
  • Bend you’re both knees while contracting your abdominals and gently lower your hips into a half-squat. Ensuring your belly muscles are firm, slightly contract your buttocks muscles.
  • Using your right foot, take a giant, slow step out to the right side
  • Stay in half-squat position for a while before stepping the left foot together with your right foot. Step out again slowly with your right leg and go on with the step-outs to the right side eight times.


  1. Standing Hip Extension


This is another great exercise for your hips. It involves moves that strengthen lower-body muscles that go a long way in making daily activities easier, such are rising from a chair or getting out of your car.

  • Stand about 2 feet in front of a firm bench of the high-backed chair. Place your hands slightly on the top of the bench for support
  • From your waist, lean slightly forward to shift your weight on your left hand
  • Slowly extend your right leg backward to bring it just beneath your hip height
  • Hold this position for 3 seconds ensuring you keep your belly muscles contracted.
  • Gently lower your right leg to the floor using controlled movements and repeat 8-12 times. Rest for 30-60 seconds and then switch to the left leg


There are plenty of high impact exercises that can strengthen your bones and keep fractures at bay. They should be performed with care if you are prone to conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. It is important to contact your doctor before taking up and exercise routine, especially if you are at an advanced age. Exercise regularly for the sake of your overall wellbeing!




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