Multiple sclerosis – You say it is all in my head? Donnee Spencer has created this brilliant infographic to help explain with with MS to non-MSers

Multiple sclerosis – You say it is all in my head?

Donnee shares “This was my first of four MS poster creation I started creating them last year in an attempt to help MS’ers explain to others what it is that we go through ”

Multiple Sclerosis - You say it's all in my head?
Multiple Sclerosis – You say it’s all in my head?

Isn't it odd how closely related in symptoms these auto-immune diseases are? I'm not just talking about ms and fibro either! Look at the symptoms of lupus also. Here's another of the wall disease that presents and almost mirror's ms in it's symptoms and presentation with the lesions in the brain; leukoencephalopathy!

It is found on the top 10 rarest diseases website. (It must mean I'm special),whenever I say that, I can only hear it in the "church lady" voice. Ha ha ha!!! Sorry. Hope that made somebody laugh though! We need as much of that as we can get!

I just wonder if you've ever heard of this particular disease or not?

Thank you for the wonderful saying you put out there! I truly hope it helped people to try to understand fibromyalgia. Imo it seems people are more willing to try to understand ms now, because it's a "real disease". Whereas fibromyalgia is still not even considered a "real disease" by a majority of Doctor's!!! Soooo how in the world can we expect our family members to consider it "Real"??


Yeah, lukoencephalopathy is one of the risks with several ms treatments. I'm waiting now for my lab results to show whether or not I have the JC antibodies. If I do, I will be choosing a different medication. ~