Juicing for Crohn’s Disease – In this guest post Nick Hayden tells us about his new blog Juicing4crohns

Nick Haydon - Crohn's Disease
Nick Haydon – Crohn’s Disease

We are delighted to showcase Nick Hayden’s blog about Crohn’s Disease in this latest guest post.  He tells about www.juicing4crohns.wordpress.com and he use of jouice as a treatment for his gastrointestinal disorder.

Nick shares “Hi! My name is Nick Hayden and I am a 3rd grade teacher who “had” Crohn’s Disease for 5 years.  The blog that I have created describes all that I have done to be cured from this ailment and the steps that I took.  My goal is to pass on this information to help others get off of medication completely and lead a better life.  Please take a look at my information contained in the blog and pass it to friends or family that need a way out.  I have found that way and it works!! Thank you!”

You can read his blog here www.juicing4crohns.wordpress.com

If you have any questions about the blog for Nick please use the comments box below.