Invitation to a free webinar on relationships, love and family dynamics when affected by chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis on February 11, 2016 4PM EST/ 21:00 UK

MS and relationships
MS and relationships

On February 11  at 4PM EST GeneFo will be holding a free webinar on relationships, love and family dynamics when affected by a chronic condition with Dr.Opie-Moran a clinical psychologist who specializes in supporting patients with chronic conditions, and Sheryl Skultesky MS advocate extraordinaire!

Dr. Moran will discuss how to sustain thriving relationships and families and Sheryl will tell us about raising 2 teenagers while being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Registration link

Registering for the webinar unlocks many other great features for MS patients and caregivers, delivered on :

GeneFo, founded by Stanford geneticist Dr.Wilnai, is a patient crowdsourcing platform that innovates by going beyond matching patients that have the same condition, and actually classifies & matches them according to their specific Multiple Sclerosis type.

Patients and caregivers can use GeneFo to

  • Get patient peer advice and support
  • Track their condition via personal health management reports
  • View and compare real-time stats on what works for others with a similar medical profile
  • Register to get matched to clinical trials according to location and profile
  • Consult with an in-house medical team
  • See unbiased reviews of medical & alternative treatments and providers

And the best part?  No more sifting through endless posts and web pages – All of these features are perfectly organized and delivered in one screen!