How to make sure you get a perfect night of sleep – check out this new video

Getting a good night's sleep - some tips
Getting a good night’s sleep – some tips
Getting a good sleep is very important. An unspoiled slumber can make you more energetic and positive during the day, while a night of tossing and turning can have just the opposite effect.

There are a number of things that can influence how well you sleep, so it’s essential to know all you can about what makes the transition from being awake to sleeping as smooth as possible.

Jurys Inn have released a short animated video that outlines all the factors that can help you get a great night of sleep.

The video covers aspects of diet, such as foods to go for and foods to avoid, as well as when to exercise and how to occupy yourself in the few hours before bedtime to get the perfect sleep.
There is also advice on things like why a hot bath or a warm drink can help infinitely, making it the ideal guide to getting a great sleep.