Healthcare and Social Media – What social media would you recommend for online conversations about health?

Healthcare and social media
Healthcare and social media

Yes I know I go on all the time about healthcare and how social media will change it completely.

(And it’s not just me it seems Newt Gingrich also thinks I’m right).

A few weeks back I was at a very interesting seminar on social media usage and over lunch I was chatting to a lady who also works in healthcare.  She worked for a company which provides colostomy bags for ostomates.  She mentioned that form their research into online conversation most discussion about colostomy bags had moved from Facebook to Twitter.   Indeed she said that their research comparing the two types of social media suggested that 97% of conversations went on now on Twitter.

Now this is a massive change since I started working in the area.   And I’m wondering if I’m missing a trick here.

So I’d like to ask a question of my readers “What social media would you recommend for online conversations about health?”

I’ve set up a short poll below but this is limited to the main social media platforms around.

What would be really great is if you could use the comments box below to share any others you use.  If you run one yourself that would be of huge interest to both my readers and myself.

So “don’t be square” please share!