First Aid Part – Why would should consider formal training in First Aid! Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Kirsty Perry and Dave Moreland
Kirsty Perry and Dave Moreland
Tesco employees Kirsty Perry and Dave Moreland were at work one morning when they had to put their first aid skills into action.
An elderly customer who had entered the supermarket had collapsed in an aisle and was found by 26-year-old Kirsty. As the store’s duty first aider, she quickly assessed the man and thought he’d had a seizure. As the man was unconscious but still breathing, Kirsty and her colleague Dave placed him in the recovery position to keep him safe and monitor his condition while they called for an ambulance.
However, while on the phone with the emergency services, Kirsty quickly noticed that the 81-year-old man had stopped breathing. Springing into action, she and Dave commenced CPR on the customer and continued for 10 minutes before the ambulance crew arrived with a defibrillator. Thanks to the actions of the two employees, the crew were able to restart the man’s heart before he was taken to hospital.