“Feelings Matters” a new book about bullying from Bully Off

Feelings Matter from Bully Off
Feelings Matter from Bully Off

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Today we have been asked by Jessica and Lindsey, the Founders of Bully Off, to tell you about their new book “Feelings Matter”.  As that parent of a child with autism you can imagine that this subject is one very close to my heart.

They say “The funds raised from sale of the book pay for services on offer – we offer a personalised service to parents where we can we visit them etc, we carry out anti bullying magic shows/workshops, liaise with schools on a victims behalf, we will be selling a book, which will be on sale from 1st December, and wondered if you could post for us the page and book cover? The title is “Feelings Matter”, and will include true stories from authors, parents, children and schools, our ethos is “keeping everybody included” and we cover special educational needs from all points of view in our book, (parents/pupils/teachers). We also have a teenager diagnosed with Aspergers acting as a bully off mentor speaking to other children in his area suffering from bullying. We work with local consultants to offer counselling and produce school planners with an anti bullying campaign throughout (as well as healthy eating and internet safety info). We would be entirely grateful if you could share the page and book. All proceeds of the book will be spent on widening the services geographically and help to maintain consistency in the level of service currently on offer”

The book  will be on sale from 1st December at £5.99, but they will be taking pre orders at their facebook page. The link to the page is  https://www.facebook.com/Bullyoff14

The Bully Off web site will be ready on the 12th october and you will be able to access it here!

You can follow them on Twitter at @ BullyOff1