Pregnancy – Morning sickness find out more here! Some tips for tackling morning sickness

When does morning sickness start?

Find out more in this fascinating infographic.

Here are a few ideas (gleaned from my wife mainly) on how best to deal with morning sickness.

a) Start by drinking loads of water!
b) Eat something plain for breakfast! Rusks might be a good idea.
c) Try and avoid the kitchen or anywhere with strong cooking smells.
d) Wear loose clothing
e) Finally just take it very easy!

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Cervical Screening – why is might save your life!

Why do women need to have regular cervical screening?

Find out why with this brilliant infographic from Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

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Cervical Screening - why is might save your life!
Cervical Screening – why is might save your life!

Is Hormone Therapy the Best Treatment for Menopause?

Is Hormone Therapy the Best Treatment for Menopause?


Panic attacks and the menopause
Panic attacks and the menopause

Hormone therapy is among the best treatments for menopause. It involves administering a therapy containing female hormones that replace the ones that the body no longer makes after menopause. Menopause is a natural body occurrence that takes place both in elderly women and men. In women it happens in an earlier stage as from the age of 40 and above while in men it begins at 60 years. Menopause comes with symptoms that can be difficult to handle since they can become severe. Some of the symptoms are joint pains accompanied by arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, mood swings, and lack of appetite among others. It can be easy to handle these signs if you prepared earlier for them or if your body has high immunity. There are varieties if treating menopause symptoms such as the hormone therapy, exercise and proper feeding.

Benefits of hormone therapy to the treatment for menopause

These benefits depend on whether you use symmetric h hormone therapy or low dose vaginal preparations of estrogen.

  • Low dose vaginal products have the best menopause supplements that effectively treat urinary tract infections and also vaginal symptoms such as dryness.
  • Hormone therapy rich in best menopause supplements that help to stabilize blood pressure and increase body immunity hence the body is able to fight any symptom or disease attack.
  • Systemic hormone therapy contains best menopause supplements that help the most stubborn symptom known as hot flashes. This therapy prevents excessive sweating during the night and also allows peaceful sleep. It gives solution to insomnia patients.
  • Hormone therapy maintains the body performance without bringing to a stop any body process brought about by menopause. Due to the best menopause supplements in the hormone therapy, the body is able to remain active and increase in immunity.
  • Decreased tooth loss and lower risk of colon cancer.
  • Lower death rate of women who take hormone therapy at 50’s
  • Reduce joint pains and diabetes
  • Hormone therapy is said to have the best menopause treatments hence has the ability to improve mood swings and stabilize them as time goes.


Menopause and Body Changes – What You Need to Know


Latest Reviews on hormone therapy as the best treatment for menopause

  • Hormone therapy is so beneficial since it allows peace of mind during the process of menopause. The following are the risks that come along with it: breast cancer, stroke, blood clots, and heart disease. This hormonal therapy makes it difficult for the mammogram to detect breast cancer.
  • The latest review reveals that not every woman should consider hormone therapy due to the negative effect. If you need a hormone therapies consider the following qualifications:
  1. If your menses ended before you gained 40 years i.e. early menopause/premature menopause.
  2. If you are experiencing severe hot flushes or any other disturbing menopause system.
  • If you have tried the best menopause supplements one of them is Menopace and they have failed
  1. If you are experiencing rapid bone mass loss.
  • In the latest review is stated that menopause has cause loss of body immunity in many women. This is because by trying to deal with menopause symptoms they acquire other health problems. If a woman got her ovary removed at an early stage, she is at very great risk if she can try hormone therapy. The following are some of the related risks: early death, anxiety, coronary heart disease, depression, and osteoporosis.
  • These reviews gave the advantage of early menopause to be related to breast cancer. Whereby any woman who experienced early menopause i.e. at the age of 30 to 40 is at lower risk of breast cancer. They do not have to take the best menopause supplements since their immune system is still high. It can be able to deal with any disturbing health problem without getting weaker.
  • Featured in the latest reviews the women who take hormonal therapy reap more benefits than risks. This is because the best menopause treatments are involved in the therapy hence will always give a positive result.
  • Hormonal therapy does not treat heart disease.


It is wise to consult your doctor on whether to take hormonal therapy or not since your body hormones may react negatively. Prepare for menopause in advance in order to have an easy time during the process. You can buy a fan that will help you have fresh air in order to reduce excessive sweating at night. You can also talk with a gym instructor to help you perform exercise that will boost your joint activeness and reduce pain. Have prior knowledge in relation to hormonal therapy so that you can be able to deal with some of the body changes and reaction after the hormonal therapy is performed.


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9 best tips to plump up thin lips

Leslie Ash
Leslie Ash

Good looks and physical appearance is a major priority for most people in the world. This is because good looks define your true beauty and work to improve your morale, motivation, confidence and self-esteem. For an overall good looking and healthy body, you have to be concerned with your inner health as much as you are concerned with your outer health. Your face serves as your mirror, and from it people develops your first impression. In addition, people are bound to judge you from your looks; therefore, it is important to engage in activities that work to improve the quality of your looks. Some people are born with thin lips that are not full and desire to change this condition to make them more beautiful and attractive. There are many ways of improving the condition of your lips ranging from natural ways to the use of medical solutions such as plastic surgery and lips injections.

Use a rejuvenator

Most of the physical complications that most people suffer from are caused by the deficiency of certain important nutrients in your body. Some of these important nutrients and components are readily available in some types of food. Lips are composed of body cells just like any other parts of your body. Therefore, it is necessary to find foods and products that are appropriate to boost the health of the cells around your lips to make them fuller. Certain proteins and hyaluronic acid found in certain foods help in softening the lines of your lips hence making them fuller.

Exfoliate with a washcloth

You should be concerned with the health and hygiene of your lips just like any other part of your body. While taking a bath, most people forget to clean their lips or wipe them after taking a shower. Running a dump-wash cloth over your lips before applying lip colour is very important. It helps with the hygiene of the lips and to boost blood flow and circulation around your lips thus boosting their fullness.

Use lip liner

Although most specialists do not recommend the use of intense beauty products for your lips, some of the simple beauty products such as lip liner are very important for boosting the quality of your lips. Some of the precautions that you should ensure you adhere to before using a lip liner include choosing the best lip liner for your lips and having sufficient knowledge about the appropriate way of application. Lip liners are very important for highlighting your lips thus making them appear fuller and gorgeous.

Blend two lipsticks

According to recent best lip plumper reviews, good blend of lipstick colours on your lips make your lips look gorgeous and fuller. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve the quality of your lips if you do it correctly. With a clean and gentle brush, apply varying and blending lipstick colours on your lips to improve their looks.

Brush it off

Your lips are part of your outermost body layer or the skin. Therefore, your skin is bound to be exposed to many hazardous environmental factors and skin degrading agents. In addition, your body sheds off dead skin cells through your skin. Before applying makeup, ensure you lightly brush your lips with your toothbrush to get rid of some of the skin degrading agents. This way, you will naturally make your lips fuller and gorgeous.

Wear pink

Some of the lipsticks contain some components that make your lips fuller. Although chemicals in some of these components may have negative health effects on your lips, applying some lipsticks with these components are very helpful in plumping your lips. Pink coloured lipsticks blend with almost everyone’s complexion and help in boosting the quality of your lips by making them plumper.

Apply menthol

Menthol is one of the components that have been used in many significant ways to improve the quality of our lives. Although the effects of menthol on your lips is short-lived, to make your lips look thicker ensure you use lip balms and gloss that contains menthol.

Protect your plump lips

Exposure to direct sunlight is a major skin degrade. Sunlight contains harmful ultra-violet rays that are not only harmful to your lips but the entire body. Most people apply sun blocks on other parts of their bodies and forget about their lips. It is very important to apply sun blocks on your lips before stepping out on a sunny day.

Apply natural plumpers

Most people prefer using natural ways of taking care of their lips because they have limited or no negative side effects. According to best lip plumper reviews, some of the best natural plumpers include niacin, olive oil, honey, cinnamon and menthol.


Good looks define your true beauty and are important in boosting your morale, motivation, confidence and self-esteem. To ensure you are entirely good looking ensure to take care of your inner beauty as you take care of your outer body. Although most people are born with thin lips, there are several ways to improve the quality of your lips to make them more attractive and gorgeous.



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Willo Conner (1977-) A freelancer, online article editor, eBook author for health and fitness. He has designed and taught health programs on the topics of health disorders, body image and self-acceptance, beauty tips for women, exercise for seniors. He writes for many online publications. Follow him here – Facebook, Twitter, Google+

What to eat and what not to eat: Menopause diet

Menopause is one of the major health concerns experienced by women in their early 50’s. Reduced oestrogen levels in the body  cause a number of symptoms such as insomnia, hot flushes, depression to name a few.  The need for hormonal balance is treated by hormonal treatments and supplementation like Estrobalance with DIM.

Diet and the menopause
Diet and the menopause

Estrobalance with DIM balances estrogen levels and promotes healthy estrogen metabolism. Estrobalance contains specially formulate DMI that is readily absorbed by the body to promote hormonal balance. The supplement that is considered safe to use is also known to improve breast wellness and healthy cell promotion in the body.

Aside from hormonal therapy and supplementation, diet planned to address specific nutritional requirements of menopausal women is known to alleviate symptoms of menopause.

Eat healthy to manage symptoms

  1. Night sweats and hot flashes

One of the most common and dreaded symptoms of menopause, night sweats and hot flushes can be effectively managed when the following dietary suggestions are followed:

What to eat

  • Diet consisting proteins, healthy fats and fibre rich phytonutrients.
  • Pepper, Garlic, strawberries, pasta and moderate amount of red wine.
  • Mediterranean styled diet
  • Plenty of clear water and liquids, fresh fruits and whole grains


What not to eat

  • Junk food that contain unhealthy fats and sugar in high amounts
  • Excessive caffeine, alcohol that may dehydrate the system


  1. Fatigue and weight gain

Hormonal imbalance in the body can cause extreme fatigue and a slow metabolism resulting in accumulation of fat leading to weight gain.

What to eat

    • In general, moderate intake of nutritious food is recommended to combat slow digestion during menopause.

  • Complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal pasta, rice, bread and brown grains can help the body to digest better.
  • Food rich in dietary fibres such as whole grains, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables facilitate digestion and helps menopausal women to manage their weight and energy levels.

What not to eat

  • Processed food that contain unhealthy fat and sugar should be eliminated from the diet
  • Crash diets are not healthy to lose weight.
  • Consuming white bread or rice in excess results in weight gain


  1. Dry and itchy skin

With the onset of menopause women experience dry and itchy skin due to reduced levels of estrogen.

What to eat

  • Food rich in ‘smart fats’ i.e., Essential Fatty Acids. High content of essential fatty acids are found in fish (Salmon/Sardines), fortified eggs, nuts, soy, flaxseed oil and safflower oil.
  • Food rich in Vitamin C such as fresh citrus fruits, vegetables like peppercorns, tomatoes, potatoes, greens etc, can sooth the dry skin.
  • Consumption of water and clear liquid is found to be helpful for dry skin.

What not to eat

  • Excess of caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate the system and skin loses its moisture leading to itchy and dry skin.
  • Unhealthy fats and sugar affect the skin causing acne and dryness.


  1. Irritability and depression

As per a study conducted by Bromberger JT, Chang YF, Kravitz HM and others on  major depression during menopausal transition, it was found that peri-menopausal or post menopausal women were twice or four times likely to develop major depression.

What to eat

  • Food rich in Essential fatty Acids is known to reduce depression and mood swings.
  • Consumption of fresh fruits and plenty of water is known to calm the mind and body.

What not to eat

  • Excess of alcohol and smoking can aggravate mood swings.
  • Excess of caffeine is found to affect sleep patterns and aggravates mood swings and depression.
  • Junk food is addictive and often leads to weight gain causing depression or mood swings.


  1. Bone health

Menopausal joint pain facts are startling. According to a population survey, joint pain was more prevalent in women than men. 41% of Peri –menopausal and 57% of post-menopausal women experienced sever inflammation of the joints.  Menopausal women are at an increased risk of developing Arthritis or Osteoporosis.

What to eat

  • Foods rich in calcium and Iron such as greens are beneficial to prevent bone loss.
  • Beans are an amazing source of calcium
  • Dietary supplementation for Calcium and iron is also advised.

What not to eat

  • Crash diet with unhealthy fats and sugar may deprive the body of essential nutrients to fight bone loss resulting in aggravated symptoms.


A menopause diet is beneficial to fight menopause symptoms.  Aside from nutritious food women can also choose the right dietary supplements from health product reviews to manage the symptoms effectively.




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Kathy Mitchell was born and raised in the USA. She has done MA in English literature. She is contributing to consumer health digest since 2011. You can contact her on Facebook and Twitter