Lifestyle Tips To Improve Circulation

Poor circulation is associated with a number of different medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity and Raynaud’s disease.

But plenty of us suffer from poor circulation so we thought we would share this useful infographic with a few useful lifestyle hits on how to improve your circulation.

 Lifestyle Tips To Improve Circulation (Infographic)
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Do you support the idea of a “soda tax” to promote health and wellness? Please take our poll!

Do we need a soda tax to fight obesity?
Do we need a soda tax to fight obesity?

As some of our readers know Philadelphia has plans bring in the so-called “soda tax” to help “fight obesity”.

In simple terms the soda tax means that those who are distributing fizzy/soft/sugary drinks will have to pay a tax or around 50c per liter. They can choose if they pass it on to their customers or not. But I think it is safe to assume they will charge their clients a bit more.

However when prices go up consumption , it is thought, will go down. This, it is hoped, will help lower rates of obesity especially among younger people?

But is this true or is it the nanny state gone mad? Is government intervention the best way of promoting good health and wellness?

Please share your views in the poll below.

It would be great if you could share in a bit more detail your views in the comments section below.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

How to satisfy your pregnancy cravings the right way – and lessen your child’s chance of obesity or diabetes

Childhood obesity and diabetes
Childhood obesity and diabetes
Recent research has found that women should ensure they are not overweight or obese during pregnancy as it could increase their child’s risk of developing diabetes later in life.

But anyone who has been pregnant will tell you that sometimes you’ve simply got to give in to those pregnancy cravings.

Ice-cream is one of those foods that many mums-to-be can’t get enough of, so to make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve come up with an alternative way to get your ice-cream fix with our low GI ice-cream recipe.

Nutritionist and chef, Christine Bailey shows us just how easy and nutritious ice-cream can be with a few fresh ingredients.

This recipe is rich and creamy but low in calories thanks to the 0 calorie stevia sweetener, and the berry and mint combination keeps it refreshingly light for the taste buds. Use the season’s brightest berries to make this dairy free, gluten free recipe high in flavour.

It’s the perfect sweet treat for mums to be.

UK investment in obesity prevention woefully inadequate. Says Expert on child obesity ahead of major obesity conference held last month.

Dr Paul Sacher
Dr Paul Sacher
We interview Dr Paul Sacher on obesity, its causes, effects and how to treat it.

Click on the arrow below to listen.

“He is hugely respected as a child obesity expert, having founded MEND, the largest international child weight management programme, and he has an excellent knowledge and deep understanding of the obesity landscape.”

Paul previously worked in the NHS for more than 11 years and is a recognised author and expert in weight management, nutrition and health. He was the clinical health consultant for Jamie Oliver’s “Return to Jamie’s School Dinners” (Channel 4) and regularly appeared on “Honey, We’re Killing the Kids” (BBC One & Three) and has been interviewed numerous times on national TV and radio news channels and with regular appearances on BBC Breakfast TV and ITV This Morning. He has been an invited speaker at over 42 national and international conferences and has published 14 peer-reviewed publications, 3 books and 2 manuals. He previously held a National Institute of Health Research PhD Scholarship and is registered with the Health Professions Council and a member of the British Dietetic Association, the Canadian Obesity Network and the USA Obesity Society. He was a finalist in the Chief Medical Officer’s Public Health Awards, UK, in 2010 and awarded the British Dietetic Association’s most prestigious award (Rose Simmonds) for 2011.

10 humiliating things that happen to overweight people

10 humiliating things that happen to overweight people
10 humiliating things that happen to overweight people
10 humiliating things that happen to overweight people

Have anything like this ever happened to you? Please share your story in the comments section below!

1. Verbal abuse from passing cars
“On my way home from work a stranger shouted out of his car window at me as I had pressed the button at a pedestrian crossing. He said ‘why don’t you buy yourself a salad you fat cow.’”
2. Supermarket staff comment on your food choices
“I was shopping in a well-known supermarket and put some biscuits in the trolley and one of the staff said to me ‘should you really be eating those? Some fruit and veg would be better for you’. I was so embarrassed that I just wanted to cry.”
3. Rude comments from shop assistants when looking for clothes
“I was shopping for a gift with my sister and saw a beautiful top in a shop window, so went in to have closer look. I had only stepped inside when I was grabbed by the elbow spun around and told quite harshly ‘there is nothing in here for people like you’.”
4. Men in nightclubs play games to chat you up
“I’d always been told I had a pretty face so in the beginning I thought they were being serious and complimentary. It was only when I heard the sniggers, laughter and hurtful comments they made among themselves that I realised the truth. I still have trouble believing men are serious now.”

5. People look terrified of you sitting next to them on public transport
“I remember one young bloke saying ‘you can’t sit here fatty’ as I walked down the bus looking for a seat.”
6. Friends leave you out of things as they assume you won’t want to be involved
“When I was bigger people always assumed I didn’t want to do active things. I love long walks in the country and swimming but friends often ‘forgot’ to invite me, assuming that it wouldn’t be my thing.”
7. Getting served at the bar takes ages
“I spent around 45 minutes waiting at the bar to get served. I had made eye contact with the barman so he knew he was there but he kept serving the other girls who were much slimmer than me.”
8. Teenagers will film or photograph you using their smartphone
“I was laughed at by teenagers in a shop. They were filming with their mobile phone and following me around. My daughter who was aged six at the time was with me and we were both very upset.”
9. Employers only focus on your appearance
“I went for a job interview and caught site of the interviewer’s notes. To my horror the content was 95% about my weight and appearance and only 5% about my abilities and qualifications.”
10. People treat you like a leper
“I was working in the Student Union and handed an item to a student. She seemed reluctant to make contact with my hand. As she walked away with her friends she said that she hadn’t wanted to touch me as she wasn’t sure if she could catch fat.”