Food poisoning – How to prevent a holiday nightmare!

Food poisoning can ruin a normal day, especially a holiday. Tune into our live show to make sure you are covered for all unfortunate eventualities this holiday season

Show date: 21stMay 2015

Show time:  3pm

Food poisoning ?
Food poisoning ?

Food poisoning on your getaway? How do you ward off the infamous “Delhi Belly”? With holiday season just round the corner, research has revealed that a staggering amount of holiday makers are affected by food poisoning- leaving people hitting the bathroom instead of the beaches.

Joining us for this special live and interactive show is travel expert Simon Calder, Katherine Allen from travel specialist law firm Slater and Gordon and a special guest case study .

Our experts will be discussing a range of topics from which countries rank the dodgiest destinations in the world to how to guard off getting sick abroad.  If the worst scenario does present itself, and your travel insurance doesn’t cover you, what are your options? What evidence would you need to collect? Simon Calder will be sharing his tips on how to make sure you are looking out for any loop holes when it comes to booking your trip.

Whether you’re exploring the city or lounging on the beach, watch our show to make that you experience the best but are completely prepared for the worst- send your questions in now or during the live show.


Doctor Ranj Childhood Constipation and Continence Clinic – Watch our live Web TV Show

Join our live show where we’ll be busting myths about poo and other children’s continence problems

Dr Ranj with an xray
Dr Ranj with an xray

Show date: Thursday 16th April
Show time: 13.00 BST

Is poo taboo? Poo problems are common in many children and are most prevalent in pre-school children. In most cases a child suffering with a poo problem is actually suffering from constipation, which is when they poo less than 4 times a week. As parents, tackling the subject and identifying whether there is a problem with your child’s pooing habits can be difficult. And it’s not just pooing that can be problematic, other continence issues such as daytime and night time wetting are also a problem for many children and can be related to a child’s pooing issues.

Dr Ranj  from Cbeebies
Dr Ranj from Cbeebies
Joining us in this special live and interactive show about childhood constipation and other bladder and bowel problems is Doctor Ranj – who not only is the co-creator and presenter of the CBeebies’ show ‘Get Well Soon’, and presenter of the kids’ health segment on ITV’s This Morning, he’s also the only TV doctor who specialises in children, young people and families and is the face of the ‘Let’s Talk About Poo’ campaign led by the children’s continence charity, ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence).

We’ll be dispelling the myths about poo and other continence problems, everything from warning signs to look out for, how to deal with re-occurring problems, what treatments are available, and where to go for specialist help.

Whatever the reason for your child’s poo problem, whether it’s because they are finding it difficult to adapt to challenging situations such as starting school or they are nervous to ask to go to the loo at a friend’s house, Doctor Ranj will arm you with all the help and encouragement you need to handle your child’s pooing and wetting problems.



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month April 2015 – Have you had bad or good experiences being treated for your bowel symptoms by your healthcare provider?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month
As many of you may know I cut my teeth, jobwise, as a market researcher. You know one of those poor saps who tries to persuade you to take part in a survey when you would much rather be having your dinner.

In fact in my later years in the trade a worked in the field of healthcare. This meant that I have to persuade people with particular conditions, caregivers, doctors, nurses and a whole bunch of other people to give us their valuable time to tell us what they think about a whole raft of products and services.

Since then I’ve been working, among other things, on this blog. One of its objectives has been to support various healthcare awareness initiatives.

So today is one of the odd occasions where the strands of my working life come together.

How so – I hear you cry?

We as you can see from the headline of this blog this month is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month.

Well the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) has decided to run some research this month. The aim of the research is to answer the question:

“Have you had bad or good experiences being treated for your bowel symptoms by your health care provider?”

You can take part by clicking here Indeed we would encourage anybody who has IBS to participate. The more knowledge we have then the better the quality of care!

Couple of things.

Firstly we have no affiliation with IFFGD. We only discovered the survey when we were doing some research for this blog post and decided to make it the main feature.

If you would like some more information on the early signs and symptoms of IBS please check out our blog post here –

Oh – the IFFGD describe themselves as follows “IFFGD is a nonprofit education and research organization that addresses issues surrounding life with functional gastrointestinal (GI) and motility disorders. Founded in 1991, IFFGD helps improve care by enhancing awareness, educating, and supporting research into treatments and cures for GI disorders. “